G7 Hiroshima Summit 2023: When will it be held, who will participate, and what are the agenda items?

From May 19th to 21st, 2023, leaders from the world’s largest economies, the Group of Seven (G7) countries, will gather in Hiroshima, Japan to discuss geopolitical, economic, and climate change issues such as the Ukraine conflict and US-China tensions. This is the G7 Hiroshima Summit 2023.

The G7 is an informal group of wealthy Western countries, including the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, and Japan. The European Union also participates as a representative. Each year, one member country becomes the chair country and sets priorities, hosting summits and ministerial meetings. Italy will take over the chairmanship in 2024.

In recent years, other countries have been invited to participate to address important topics. This year, Australia, Brazil, the African Union (represented by Comoros), Cook Islands (representing the Pacific Forum), India, Indonesia, South Korea, Vietnam, and others have been invited. The G7 and other Western countries are making efforts to strengthen alliances, reach out to the southern hemisphere, and preserve their diminishing influence amidst China’s and Russia’s economic expansions and their advocacy for an alternative international order.

The G7 was established in response to the 1973 OPEC oil embargo to discuss global economic issues. The combined GDP of these countries is $40 trillion annually, accounting for approximately half of the world economy.

From Ukraine assistance to countering China: What are the agenda items?

The G7 plans to discuss a wide range of topics, including climate change, the soundness of the global economy, inflation, and global food security. They will assess the impact of the Ukraine conflict.

Ukraine Assistance

Over a year has passed since Russia invaded Ukraine, and the conflict remains a top priority. The G7 aims to demonstrate unity before a possible Ukrainian counteroffensive. The need to strengthen arms provision, political support, and financial assistance will be emphasized. The scale of support that the G7 will provide in the coming months will greatly influence the course of the conflict. In addition, they will promise enhanced sanctions and demand compliance with sanctions from countries currently evading them.

Summary of Japanese Reactions to the G7 Hiroshima Summit 2023

The G7 Hiroshima Summit took place in Hiroshima, Japan from May 19th to 21st, 2023. During the summit, issues related to geopolitical, economic, and climate change, such as the Ukraine conflict and US-China tensions, were discussed. The visiting world leaders also expressed their determination towards nuclear disarmament as they visited the Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum and Peace Park.

Japanese reactions to this summit varied. Some people appreciated Japan’s leadership as the host country and the strengthened collaboration with countries from the Global South. They valued these aspects of the summit. Moreover, the fact that world leaders who witnessed the devastation caused by the atomic bombings expressed their recognition of the horrors of nuclear warfare and their commitment to nuclear disarmament and non-proliferation was highly anticipated.

On the other hand, some people expressed concerns about the lack of concrete outcomes from the summit and the potential for the support provided to Ukraine to escalate the situation. There were also criticisms that the visits to the atomic bomb museum and peace park were merely performances, and they called for more effective actions towards nuclear disarmament.

The G7 Hiroshima Summit 2023 raised various issues and concerns for the Japanese people. It is expected that Japan will continue to collaborate with world leaders and the international community to contribute to peace and security.

Japanese Comment

“I think it is a historic event that G7 leaders gathered and visited the Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum. I hope they strongly demonstrate their commitment to nuclear disarmament.”

“It is ironic for nuclear-possessing countries to talk about peace. The most significant contribution to peace is the disposal of nuclear weapons.”

“I have also visited the Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum and was able to feel the suffering and sadness of the atomic bomb survivors. I hope the G7 leaders can experience the same.”

“I believe Hiroshima is a symbol of peace. G7 leaders meeting in Hiroshima would send a message of peace to the world.”

“G7 leaders meeting in Hiroshima is merely a performance by the Japanese government. They have no real intention to take action towards nuclear disarmament.”

“G7 leaders meeting in Hiroshima is an opportunity to enhance Japan’s diplomatic power. It is necessary to collaborate with countries from Ukraine and the Global South to counter China and Russia.”

“I think G7 leaders meeting in Hiroshima is inconvenient for the citizens of Hiroshima and Carp baseball fans. It disrupts daily life with traffic regulations and game cancellations.”

“G7 leaders meeting in Hiroshima is a good opportunity to introduce Hiroshima’s tourism and food culture to the world. It would be great if they could enjoy dishes like Okonomiyaki and Momiji Manju.”

“I believe G7 leaders meeting in Hiroshima would sound an alarm to those who have forgotten the horrors of nuclear warfare. They should accelerate their efforts towards nuclear disarmament.”

“G7 leaders meeting in Hiroshima would lead nuclear-possessing countries and NATO members to perform hypocritically in a bombed city. Their true intentions lie in maintaining nuclear deterrence rather than nuclear disarmament.”

“I think G7 leaders meeting in Hiroshima is evidence of Japan being recognized as a global leader. Prime Minister Kishida should leverage this opportunity to exert influence on the international community.”

“G7 leaders meeting in Hiroshima would be an insult to atomic bomb survivors and their families. Countries that justified the atomic bombings or failed to provide compensation and apologies have no qualification to speak about peace.”

“G7 leaders meeting in Hiroshima is the result of the efforts by Hiroshima citizens and atomic bomb survivor groups. This opportunity was obtained through years of peace movements and signing campaigns for the Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons.”

“I think G7 leaders meeting in Hiroshima shows indifference towards people suffering from the COVID-19 pandemic. They should earnestly address issues such as the spread of infection and vaccine shortages.”

“G7 leaders meeting in Hiroshima is an opportunity to hear diverse voices, including those from the Global South and non-nuclear-possessing countries. Peace and security challenges should be addressed through a more inclusive framework, not just limited to the G7.”

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