Title: Coronation Ceremony of King Charles of the United Kingdom

On May 6, 2023, Charles, King of the United Kingdom, and Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall, held their coronation ceremony at Westminster Abbey. Charles ascended to the throne on September 8, 2022, following the passing of his mother, Queen Elizabeth. The coronation ceremony, a traditional ritual based on the Anglican Holy Communion, took place with approximately 2,300 invited guests and viewers from around the world.

The main theme of the coronation was the spirit of service. Upon arriving at the abbey, King Charles offered a prayer stating, “I have come not to be served, but to serve.” In the initial stage of the ceremony, King Charles was declared “undoubtedly the King.” Subsequently, attendees shouted, “God save the King,” to demonstrate loyalty and service.

The coronation incorporated various symbolic items that have been passed down through generations. For instance, King Charles wore the Imperial Crown, made of 22-carat gold and crafted over 360 years ago, and held the Orb and Sceptre of the Sovereign. Other notable appearances included Penny Mordaunt, former Secretary of State for Defence, holding the golden Sword of State, and members of the House of Lords donning purple robes.

The coronation was attended not only by British politicians and military personnel but also by celebrities and foreign dignitaries. From the United States, Jill Biden, the First Lady, and her granddaughter Finnegan attended, while President Joe Biden was absent. President Emmanuel Macron of France was also present. Celebrities such as Emma Thompson and Katy Perry were spotted inside the abbey.

Following the coronation, King Charles and Queen Camilla paraded through the streets of London in a carriage. Despite the rain, thousands of people gathered along the route, celebrating with cheers and applause. The parade concluded at Buckingham Palace, where King Charles and Queen Camilla waved to the crowds from the balcony, accompanied by a display of red, white, and blue smoke trails by the Royal Air Force’s Red Arrows.

The balcony also featured appearances by Prince William and his wife, along with their children. However, Prince Harry was absent. While he attended the coronation, he sat apart from his siblings. This marked his return to the UK since the publication of his memoir, “Spare,” but he quickly returned to the United States. The BBC reported that Prince Harry was not invited to appear on the balcony.

Charles’ coronation was a historic event, occurring after a gap of 70 years. The day was celebrated throughout the UK with festivities and fireworks displays. The BBC broadcasted special programs and concerts. However, there were also some issues, including the arrest of several dozen individuals, including representatives of the anti-monarchy organization called “Republic.”

King Charles and Queen Camilla will continue to walk alongside the people of the United Kingdom and other Commonwealth nations with a spirit of service. We pray for their happiness and success in their future endeavors.

How did the Japanese react to the coronation ceremony of King Charles of the United Kingdom?

Regarding this historic event, let’s look at the reactions of the Japanese based on articles and comments found on the internet.

Interest shown by some Japanese There were a significant number of Japanese individuals who showed interest in the coronation ceremony. Prince and Princess Akishino of Japan attended the ceremony, and media outlets such as NHK provided detailed coverage of the event. Various traditional treasures and carriages of the British royal family were introduced as highlights.

Japanese individuals who saw articles and videos about the coronation ceremony expressed comments such as “spectacular and beautiful,” “evoking a sense of history,” and “a ceremony that is typically British.” Additionally, comments such as “I’m glad Prince and Princess Akishino attended,” and “I hope the friendly relations between the UK and Japan continue” were also observed.

Critics of the coronation ceremony On the other hand, there were also many Japanese individuals who were critical of the coronation ceremony. In the UK, protests by those opposing the monarchy were reported, and images of people holding signs saying “NOT MY KING” were shown in the media. Furthermore, there were lingering negative sentiments towards King Charles and Queen Camilla due to the circumstances of their divorce and remarriage, particularly stemming from the history with Princess Diana.

Japanese individuals who saw articles and videos about the coronation ceremony expressed criticism and dissatisfaction, with comments such as “a waste of taxpayer money,” “monarchy is outdated,” “King Charles and Queen Camilla’s relationship stemmed from infidelity and will not end well,” and “I feel sorry for Princess Diana.” Additionally, comments such as “It’s a shame that Prince Harry and Meghan did not attend” and “I prefer Prince Harry and Meghan” were also observed.

Indifference towards the coronation ceremony Furthermore, there were also Japanese individuals who were indifferent towards the coronation ceremony. Amidst frequent strikes and rising cost of living in the UK, there was a significant voice of opposition to the monarchy, particularly from the younger generation. It has been noted that the attitudes of the British people towards the royal family are gradually changing in a more diverse UK.

Japanese individuals who saw articles and videos about the coronation ceremony expressed comments such as “I’m not interested,” “it’s irrelevant,” and “aren’t there more important news?” There were also mentions of real-world issues, such as “Is this the time to be doing something like this amidst the pandemic?” and “The UK must be going through a lot due to Brexit.”

7 Japanese comments on the coronation ceremony: Here are ten comments from Japanese individuals found on the internet

“King Charles and Queen Camilla were an adulterous couple, right? They got married after Princess Diana passed away, right? I can’t believe people like that became king and queen. Princess Diana must be weeping in heaven.”

“It’s lovely that Prince and Princess Akishino attended. Prince Akishino is proficient in English and has a close relationship with the British royal family. I think it’s a great opportunity to deepen the friendship between Japan and the UK.”

“The coronation ceremony was splendid and beautiful, but I was disappointed that Prince Harry and Meghan did not attend. They chose their own path, but they are still family, and King Charles is their father. Couldn’t they have reconciled?”

“It’s a waste of taxpayer money. This isn’t the time for such things. There are many people suffering due to the pandemic. I think the monarchy is outdated and should be abolished.”

“King Charles feels like a relief pitcher, doesn’t he? It’s like a baton pass from Queen Elizabeth to Prince William. It doesn’t seem like he will reign for long, and it won’t leave a lasting impression.”

“I heard that Camilla, the Queen Consort, was called ‘Queen’ for the first time. Until now, she was referred to as the ‘Queen Consort.’ But I can’t accept her as either the Queen Consort or the Queen. She is the person who drove Princess Diana to her death.”

“Westminster Abbey is a historic building, isn’t it? It has hosted coronation ceremonies 38 times since 1066.”

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