【”2022 French Presidential Election: Analyzing the Impact on the World Economy by Japan and France”】

The French presidential election, held on April 23, 2022, saw incumbent president Emmanuel Macron seeking re-election, competing against 11 candidates, including Charles Jacobs from the right-wing conservative party “Republicans Forward” and Marine Le Pen from the far-right “National Front” party. However, following the first round of voting, Emmanuel Macron and Marine Le Pen advanced to the run-off election.

On May 7, the results of the run-off election were announced, and Emmanuel Macron was re-elected. Macron’s campaign focused on issues such as immigration, environmental policy, and economic reform, sparking debates both domestically and internationally.

【Reaction in Japan】

The French presidential election received significant attention and coverage in Japan. In particular, the Japanese business community expressed a warm welcome to Macron’s re-election, as he had proposed policies to promote economic reform and increase the competitiveness of French companies, which is seen as important for strengthening cooperation with Japanese firms.

Moreover, Macron is also seen as a figure expected to play an active role in the international community. In this regard, Japan is expected to deepen its cooperation with France in various fields, including measures to combat global warming and international terrorism. In Japan, there were also favorable reactions to Macron’s re-election.

For Examples Japanese people comment

  1. “The French presidential election is also attracting attention in Japan. I don’t know who will win yet, but I’m interested in the results.”
  2. “I’m not familiar with French politics, but it’s interesting to see how the election results might affect Japan.”
  3. “I hope Macron will be re-elected in the French presidential election. He has shown leadership in strengthening the EU.”
  4. “The French presidential election should be watched closely as it could have an impact on the world economy.”
  5. “France, like Japan, is a member of the advanced countries, and we are interested in their election results.”
  6. “The French presidential election is very important for the future of the EU. I hope they will use their wisdom to choose the best leader.”
  7. “I’m not very interested in the French presidential election. We need to focus on Japan’s own issues.”
  8. “If the far-right party wins in the French presidential election, it could have a negative impact on EU integration. I don’t want to see that.”
  9. “I’m interested in French politics, but there’s still limited information about the presidential election.”
  10. “The French presidential election is one of the international news stories we should always pay attention to. I’m looking forward to seeing who will win.”

Analysis of the French Presidential Election:

In the French presidential election, as in the previous 2017 election, Marine Le Pen, the candidate of the far-right party “National Front,” attracted attention. However, the reasons for Emmanuel Macron’s victory again in the runoff election can be attributed to the following factors:

Support for political centrism: President Macron has broad support as a centrist. He advocates for politics that go beyond the division between left and right, and this attitude has garnered support from many voters.

Anti-far-right sentiment: Before the election, there was a growing anti-far-right sentiment amid the rise of far-right parties. This sentiment can be said to have worked in favor of President Macron in the runoff election.

Le Pen’s gaffes: Marine Le Pen repeatedly made extreme statements advocating for immigration restrictions and leaving the EU. However, some of her remarks were inappropriate and led to criticism from voters.

These factors intertwined, leading to President Macron’s re-election. However, he will continue to face many challenges after his re-election. For example, there are issues such as COVID-19 response both domestically and internationally, employment, and the environment. Attention will be focused on what policies he will implement to address these issues and his future direction.

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