Leftist President Lula Inaugurated, Brazil Focuses on Diplomacy with China and Russia

“Brazil’s leftist President Lula, 77, took office on January 1. Lula won a heated presidential election last October against former right-wing President Bolsonaro and returned to power for the first time in 12 years. His main issues are reconciliation among the divided people, the economy, and environmental measures. His foreign policy, which is friendly to China and willing to mediate a solution to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, is also attracting attention.

 In his inaugural address, Mr. Lula pledged “hope and reconstruction” to the people of Ukraine and promised to eliminate disparities, saying, “The most important task is to meet the expectations and trust of the suffering people. Mr. Bolsonaro, who was supposed to place a badge of honor on the new president’s shoulders, was out of the country and did not attend the meeting. Mr. Lula walked up the presidential ramp with citizens, including indigenous people and boys.”


Ex-President Lula Says “Zelensky Has a Responsibility” in Time Magazine = “Don’t Get People Around You in a War to Get on TV”

Brazil’s Next Government Returns to Focus on BRICS, Distance from U.S. and Europe

“Brazilian President Bolsonaro’s Liberal Party (PL) filed a lawsuit on April 22 challenging the results of the presidential election at the end of October, claiming that some electronic voting machines were “invalid” for the election. Bolsonaro, who lost the presidential election to former President Lula, has long claimed that the electronic voting system was “fraudulent. After the presidential election, however, he effectively admitted defeat by ordering the work of transitioning the government.

 PL leader Neto held a press conference on October 22 and claimed that some electronic voting machines were “irreparably malfunctioned” in the presidential runoff election held on October 30. No specific evidence was provided. He said that while he would appeal to invalidate the votes cast on approximately 280,000 voting machines, more than half of which were used in the election, he would not seek re-election.

 The runoff was the closest in recent years, with Lula winning 50.9% and Bolsonaro 49.1%; PL claimed that its own tally showed that Bolsonaro had won 51.05%.”

Supporters of President Bolsonaro block a highway near the Brazilian capital on October 31 (Reuters)

Sao Paulo – Mika Otsuki, Washington – President Jair Bolsonaro, 67, of the right-wing Liberal Party, who narrowly lost to former President Lula da Silva, 77, of the left-wing Workers’ Party, in Brazil’s presidential runoff election on October 30, has not admitted defeat more than a day after the results were known. Bolsonaro has repeatedly expressed skepticism about the electronic voting system, and there are concerns about whether the transition of power will proceed smoothly.

 According to local newspapers and other sources, his aides are trying to persuade him to accept the results. The incumbent vice president called the vice president-elect on March 31 and acknowledged Lula’s victory. U.S. President Biden also called Lula on the 31st to congratulate him.

In the country, truck drivers supporting Mr. Bolsonaro began blocking main roads in various areas on the night of March 30 in protest of the election results. According to Reuters, the roadblocks were at least 321 locations in 26 states, including São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro.”

“77 is amazing.
And Biden is old.
Don’t young people worldwide aspire to be politicians or something anymore?”

“Bolsonaro was developing the Amazon all over the place, but Lula is going to protect it?
I wonder if that’s a good economic policy.”

You’re too old for quicksand.

“South America has changed to an anti-American left-wing government, and both NZ and Australia are on an improving path with China.
This will make it even more difficult for Japan and the UK, which are islands and completely dependent countries, to bear the burden.”

Why would a country that could make it this far support Bolsonaro?

I wonder what Venezuela is like now.

Brazil, too, has an American-born Christian cult (Evangelica) that is growing. If they don’t do something about it, they will be the victim of false rumors and false accusations again.

“He’s a man with a communist bent, so he walked past the Brazilian flag at the inauguration ceremony without bowing, and the presidential guard who was accompanying him pointed it out to him, so he switched places.
And after he bowed, he tried to put his hands in his pockets, showing his true character.

“The U.S. is pissed off and won’t sell iPhones to Brazil, then! You can’t just say, “Well, we’re not going to sell iPhones to Brazil!
Apple has to expand its business.
If there’s a market there, you can’t help but sell your product, that’s capitalism.”

“Six months ago, it was a mystery which way Lula would go.
Last month’s news is that he’s going to focus on diplomacy with the US.

Apparently he plans to go the opposite of Bolsonaro.

>Sullivan met with Lula in Brasilia on the same day for about two hours.
>They discussed strengthening democracy in the Americas, climate change measures, and responses to the situation in Haiti and Venezuela.

December 6, 2022 5:39 pm
Biden Invites Brazilian President-Elect to White House After New Year?

“What’s not going to happen on the Russian side is that it’s not going to happen.
You stepped up to Putin during Crimea.
You only have to look at the countries that went along with Putin in Crimea and got 300 billion and the Northern Territories to see that.”

“I thought the former president fled to the US.
That’s what I’m talking about.”

“And the Brazilian stock market started the New Year with no celebratory rally and a crash due to concerns about the future of the Brazilian economy.
Petrobras, the semi-state-owned company that was forced to lower gasoline and diesel prices by Lula’s popular intervention, has also continued to fall since Lula was elected.”

“Nepal’s president has just become a Maoist leftist, too.

China is steadily taking over Southeast Asia, Latin America and Africa.
Southeast Asia, Latin America, and Africa into its backyard.”

Believing that Bolsonaro would rise up with the military and stage a coup to stop the Venezuelanization of Brazil, he abandoned his followers, who were demonstrating daily on the main highways, and fled to the U.S.

“All of South America is anti-American now.
Even that Colombia is a leftist government.”

I hear you have the support of Brazilians abroad.

“The US uses the judiciary these days.
Lula got hit by it, and most recently the vice president of Argentina.”

And the world is seriously anti-American already.

“But I’m really glad that President Bolsonaro is gone, sober.
Because he’s actually worse than Trump and Putin in the medium to long term. This asshole.

>In Brazil, since President Jair Bolsonaro took power in 2019.
The destruction of the Amazon is underway. Since Bolsonaro took office, the number of fires in the Amazon has increased by 111% and illegal logging and mining by criminal groups is even more rampant.

According to the latest data from Global Forest Watch, 40% of the world’s old-growth forests lost in 2021 were in Brazil*.
Frequent forest fires have increased Brazil’s greenhouse gas emissions by 10%, making it the fifth largest carbon emitter in the world.”

“Bolsonaro, who has discriminated all over the place, turned the country into a gun society, and whose supporters have even committed acts of terrorism, supports the U.S.
Lula, who eliminated inequality and discrimination, supports China.

It’s the opposite of what we see in the world.”

“It’s the first time in Brazil’s history that a vice president is not promoted from removal from office, but that a person who is elected in a regular election and takes over as president in the new year is shrugged off to tuck in the handover at the inauguration ceremony.
The Bolsonaro followers who were desperately demonstrating on highways all over Brazil to call out Lula’s injustice and expecting Bolsonaro to lead the military and stage a coup, they’re getting their ladders off with a bang.”

“Bolsonaro’s former political rivals are teaming up.
If Bolsonaro had not been president, it would have been an impossible situation.”

When he loses, it’s always a good idea to call it a rigged election.

“This article is so biased.
They’re calling for open analysis of the voting machines, but they’re not reporting at all on the election commission’s stubborn refusal to release the results.
What’s a local correspondent stationed there for?”

“Everyday life in Brazil.
When Bolsonaro won last time, his opponents were calling for a recount and saying it was rigged.”

“It’s Brazil.
Why do you want the presidency so bad?
Why don’t they move the military and declare martial law if they want the presidency so badly?
They’re too prepared.”

It’s always been essential to have the support of the U.S. to stage a military coup in Latin America and come to power, but the U.S. Democratic administration won’t welcome Bolsonaro, who is a mini Trump, so it’s a dead end.

“But Brazil has been unusually active in demonstrations demanding a redo of the election, right?
Even indigenous people are joining in, claiming that entire villages have been denied the vote.
I don’t think it’s so much that the election is rigged as that the people are distrustful of the proper counting of votes in non-urban areas.”

“Calling it rigged without any hard evidence will turn off neutrals and independents.
Look at what’s happening with Trump.”

“Bolsonaro, who is like the father of the Brazilian economy, was also a man who fell for the same conspiracy and lost his job, just like Trump.
The Deep State is a scary place.”

“If there was a clear margin, I would have given up, but it was a close race.
But it was a close race, so he figured he could turn it around by screwing up some of the invalid votes.
Well, but not without his entourage.

I was hoping you’d make a big show of saying you won’t accept the results and that you’re going to fight, but you’ve been pretty quiet about it.

“Normally, I wouldn’t go that far.
If we lose, we lose everything.”

“Maybe there will be a demonstration in Japan to prove that Bolsonaro won.
That’s how strong the momentum is.”

“Trump is an evangelical Christian, but he teaches that you should never admit to being wrong or losing.
That’s why he didn’t admit defeat in the presidential election, and that’s why he went on such a rampage.

And in Brazil, a third of the population is evangelical….
And those evangelicals are supporting Bolsonaro.
That’s why he’s going to do it by his actual action, “I don’t accept the defeat of the election.
They put their imagined religion above democracy.”

“Even if all the conspiracy theories about DS and whatnot were true.
Even if the DS and other conspiracy theories were true, what are the chances of winning?

“The odds are not so much whether or not the military will follow.
The courts basically don’t like to interfere in elections.
Unless it’s a clear case of election interference.”

“There’s been a lot of protests in Brazil over the alleged election fraud.
This could go on for a long time.”

“Bolsonaro has been saying ‘rigged election’ since long before the election, so no one is taking him seriously.

He just wants to imitate Trump.”

“More roadblocks?
If there’s any suspicion of rigged elections, his supporters won’t shut up about it.
This is a protest demonstration.”

“Democracy is a system that seems to be based on the premise of sexual morality, so if the population is low, it can easily become a skeleton.
Just like in Japan today.”

“The opposite.
Democracy is based on the premise of a sexism, so it makes sure that certain individuals or groups are not given strong authority.
It’s the same reason for the separation of powers and the limitation of presidential reelection.”

“Even if you call it electronic voting, you still have to go to the polling place, right?
If I could vote from home, I’d think Brazil is making progress.”

“The Bolsonaro rally, there was a huge turnout.
In contrast, the area around Lula was deserted.
I’m 100 percent sure they’re rigging the election.

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