Argentina’s 4 Million World Cup Winners Parade Turns Tragic…Fan Falls to Death Trying to Jump on Players’ Bus, Players Evacuated by Helicopter

“Argentina’s third victory in 36 years at the World Cup in Qatar was paraded in the capital Buenos Aires at noon on April 20, but it turned out to be the tragedy that had been feared. The Venezuelan newspaper Tachira Noticias and other newspapers reported the event.

 The players took their positions atop a double-decker bus without a roof at the parade, and Messi, the tournament MVP, held up the championship trophy and waved to the fans, who reportedly numbered about 4 million. However, as the bus passed under a bridge, a male fan in his 20s failed to jump from the bridge onto the bus and fell onto the road, striking his head. He was taken to the hospital, where he was pronounced dead.

 Another man, whose head was bleeding after he failed to jump onto a bus, was carried by ambulance on a stretcher, and he and his fans were chanting “Argentina! with his right hand raised in the air as he was carried to the ambulance on a stretcher.

 According to authorities, a 5-year-old boy who was at the parade in the center of the city also suffered a head injury and is in a coma.

 In addition to the fall, fans threw objects at the bus, leading authorities to decide to evacuate the athletes from the bus by helicopter. Unable to reach their destination, the obelisk located in the country’s symbolic Plaza de la República, they turned back to their starting point, the Argentine Football Association, and the heroes narrowly escaped harm.

 Tapia, president of the Argentine Football Association, said, “The security authorities did not allow the parade to continue. Apologies in the name of all players. Truly embarrassing,” he tweeted.

 After the parade, excited fans turned into a mob and clashed with riot police who were standing by. The riot police responded with tear gas and other weapons against the fans who hijacked riot police vehicles and threw stones at them.

“I agree that Argentina won, and I agree that Messi is the greatest player of all time, but…
This is a terrible incident.”

“Argentina is on top of the world.
We should be happy about this.”

“And the fans rioting at the end.
It’s a really backward country.”

I’d love to hear what happened to the guy who sold his house.

I mean, they actually had another house, didn’t they?

It’s all so messed up.

Jumping from a bridge onto a bus is dangerous for the athletes, too.

“Wasn’t the obelisk a trophy from Napoleon’s expedition to Egypt?
I wondered why it was in Argentine style.
It’s not the same size as the real one in Washington.”

“Because Argentina is a former developed country that once had the third largest GDP in the world.
It’s the future of Japan.”

“The Washington Monument is a 19th century structure with an observation deck.
The ancient Egyptian obelisk was made of a single monolith, so it’s not that big.”

“I saw a news clip of a man who went off a bridge onto a bus, but he didn’t land properly and fell to the ground.
I saw a news clip of a man who fell from a bridge onto a bus, but he didn’t land properly and fell to the ground.

“Oh, no…? He’s already back from Qatar?
It’s amazing what they can do with airplanes these days.

“I’m glad the helicopter flew okay, too.
If something had gone wrong, it would have been an even bigger disaster.

Four million people, that’s about a tenth of the population of the whole country.

“The population of Argentina is 45 million, so that’s about 10% of the population.
If it were Japan, 12 million people would be concentrated in one place.
If a missile were to hit here, the country would tip over in an instant.

I’m glad the helicopter didn’t crash.

“Well, I don’t think a bus would have been a good idea.
I think a balloon or an airship would have been better.”

“Well, I mean, the parade was an unregulated square, and the crowds were just pouring in.
Too reckless.”

It’s a good thing the players weren’t injured.

“There’s only soccer, so the joy is extraordinary.
I heard that more than half of Japan doesn’t watch the World Cup.
I think the whole population of Argentina was watching the World Cup.”

“I saw the video, but the security is too lax.
The crowd is too close to the players, and there’s almost no security.”

It’s amazing how enthusiastic people can get.

very sad this insident to 5 year old boy.

There was even a scene where the player himself almost got caught on a wire and fell.

I’d think they’d be at least this happy that Messi got the win they are waiting for.

“Four million people in a frenzy is uncontrollable.
I can’t think of a single way the parade could have gone off without a hitch.
I have no idea.
But congratulations to the Argentines.”

With a total population of 45 million, that’s 1/11th of Argentina’s population.

If the worst thing that could happen is a fatal accident involving the players, this guy’s house is going to burn to the ground.

When Argentina won the championship in 1986, hundreds of thousands of people gathered in Buenos Aires, and some of them were trampled by the crowd or hit by cars, and some of them died.

Argentine soccer is the hero of the poor.

It’s the first championship in 36 years, and you’re supposed to take a month off anyway.

“No, it’s better than harming the players.
Why would you do that, W?

Well, I thought it was festive for a few days.
You’re overheated, too.
Keep your sanity.”

“People died trying to jump on the players’ bus. Throwing things at the players’ bus and evacuating in the players’ helicopter.
Hijacking a police car. Throwing things at cops. Hijacking a riot police vehicle… Grand Theft Auto, huh?
This country is really a mess.

“It doesn’t feel like the 21st century.
It’s not the 21st century, but I don’t hate it.”

Let that one keeper parade.

“The economic impact of winning this tournament is going to be huge.
But I think there’s a big downside to the rioting.

“More Japanese people can’t go home because of the national uproar.
“More Japanese can’t go home because of the national uproar.

Please report on the supporters who sold their houses.

“I bet you’re betting on Argentina to win the tournament and buy another house.
he is going to be screwed in the next tournament, though, aren’t him?”

Maybe there’s an Argentinian village in Qatar because they can’t go home.

“A politician was asked about inflation and was criticized for saying something like, ‘Now is the time to support soccer.
I read an article about a politician who was criticized for saying something like…
Argentina can’t help it if they’re so excited they’re dying to celebrate a victory.”

“It’s a mess, and if you’re having a good time living with it, outsiders have nothing to say.
I’m impressed that you can be so passionate about one thing.”

During the parade, they were spraying confetti all over the city with some kind of jet, which is unthinkable in Japan.

“Right up until the World Cup, there were a lot of mass demonstrations criticizing the government, but winning the World Cup doesn’t make it go away.
As long as you’re alive, you’re hungry.”

Argentina used to be the only developed country in South America.

And Argentina was the only rich, developed South American country that gave economic aid to poor Japan.

“Messi’s family home×1280/8wculhdTf6Bc1k9-.mp4

Messi’s grandma’s house×848/_vZZYNg_Dg8RNfuo.mp4

Why is there a battle at the end! I don’t get it!

This is so different from a watered down parade like a baseball parade where they come downtown on a holiday without permission and count the people who were downtown as fans without permission, this is a real parade.

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