Argentina Wins 3rd World Cup in 36 Years after Penalty Shootout! Messi wins his first World Cup!

Argentina won the 3rd World Cup in 36 years by winning the fierce penalty shootout! Messi wins his first World Cup! France’s dream of winning the World Cup again is crushed.
Messi leads his team to victory!
FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 Final】Argentina 3-3 (PK 0-0) France (December 19, Japan time / Lusail Stadium)

Messi scores the first goal of the match.

 In the final match of the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 tournament, Argentina beat France in a penalty shootout. Argentina won the tournament for the third time in 36 years, the first time since 1986 in Mexico, and prevented France from becoming the third nation in history to win the tournament twice in a row. Lionel Messi, 35, who has announced his retirement from the national team, won the World Cup for the first time at his fifth attempt. It was the best way for him to start his career. The top scorer was Mbappe with a hat trick, bringing his tally to eight goals.

 From the beginning of the match, the two sides’ pride and determination to win the championship clashed head-on. Despite intense pressure, possession was almost even in the opening 10 minutes. The game started out with a few fouls, as the teams were heavily marked from the front line.

 However, in the 21st minute, the game took a turn. Argentina won a penalty kick when Angel Di Maria was brought down in the penalty area. Messi calmly kicked the penalty kick in the 23rd minute for his sixth goal of the tournament, putting him alone at the top of the scorer’s standings at this point.

 Argentina’s onslaught continued in the 36th minute when a one-touch move by Messi led to an excellent through ball by Alvarez, which was met by McAlister, who made no mistake from the spot. Alvarez then played an excellent through ball into space, and McAllister responded with a last-gasp pass to the center of the park. The goal was scored by Di Maria, who calmly slotted it into the net with an ideal breakaway. The French team was unable to get a shot off, and the first half ended in a difficult situation.

 France, trailing by two goals, could not find a decisive moment in the second half, nor could they break down the Argentine defense or even get a shot off. The French team’s only hope, Mbappe, struggled to keep up with De Paul, while Griezmann, another key French player, was unable to create any good chances as he struggled to deal with Enso Fernandez.

In the 68th minute, Griezmann crossed from a CK on the left flank. Kolomuanyi headed over on the near side and finally fired his first shot of the day, but it failed to find the target. Two minutes later, Mbappe tried a shot from the left side of the box, but the ball sailed wide.

But in the 80th minute, France won a penalty kick, and Mbappe calmly slotted it home for his sixth goal, matching Messi’s tally. Shortly afterwards, in the 81st minute, Mbappe played a one-two with a teammate and advanced into the penalty area after a floated pass. He then scored his second goal of the day to put Messi ahead in the race for the top scorer with his seventh goal in all competitions. The match went into extra time, with Messi scoring a dramatic goal in the 109th minute and Mbappe scoring a penalty kick in the 118th minute to complete his hat trick and tie the match.

Messi, who has announced his retirement from the national team for the finals of this year’s tournament, scored 11 goals in the semifinal against Croatia to extend his World Cup career record to 13 goals, breaking legend Gabriel Batistuta’s record of 10 goals for the national team. Messi, who has won major club titles such as the UEFA Champions League (CL) title, as well as individual titles such as the Ballon d’Or a record seven times, won the only medal he has failed to win on his fifth attempt and in his last game for the national team.

Argentina’s third triumph in 36 years
Group Stage (Group C)
No.1 Argentina 1-2 Saudi Arabia
No.2 Argentina 2-0 Mexico
Section 3 Argentina 2-0 Poland

Final Tournament
1st round Argentina 2-1 Australia
Quarterfinal Argentina 2-2 (PK 4-3) Netherlands
Semifinals Argentina 3-0 Croatia

Argentina’s past championships
1978 Argentina (Home tournament)
1986 Mexico

Dropping Giroud, who was in good form, backfired.

“they didn’t move well.
they should have used Tulum’s son in the starting lineup.”

“France was overrated because they didn’t play any strong teams and won.
Apart from Mbappe, there was no one who could have made a difference.

“And we lost to England.
Giroud’s height and Mbappe’s speed have somehow fooled us, but as a team we haven’t improved in four years.”

“That was Griezmann and Giroud.
Griezmann was in bad shape, Giroud was a tactical change.
Giroud should have stayed.”

Why was France so quiet in the first half?

“We couldn’t do anything because Argentina’s midfield was working perfectly.
So France corrected and made a tactical change to skip the midfield and transition.
I got goosebumps when France went to a 4-2-4.
I had goosebumps when France played a 4-2-4, because they couldn’t break Argentina’s block without taking that many risks.

“France doesn’t win when it comes to penalty shootouts.
They lost to Italy in a penalty shootout when Zidane head-butted them.”

“I’m not a big enough fan to root for either side, but it was fun.
It’s a flawed sport where the winner is determined by whether or not the referee calls a foul that results in a penalty kick.”

“It’s true that there are too many penalty kicks in soccer.
But on the other hand, it’s bad that there are too many fouls every single time.
This is the reason why VAR has just been introduced, and it may change the mindset of players in the future.
Then the game will become a competition where the score will increase. Then I think soccer will become more interesting.”

When you look at Messi and Asakura, you think height and looks are no excuse for not being successful.

“Dembele’s right calf hit DiMaria’s left leg before DiMaria tangled his own foot and lost his balance.
The referee had a good look.
This is why the VAR didn’t come in.

“If Argentina had won 2-0, it would have been a boring final and that would have been the end of it, so thank you Mbappe.
Thanks to Mbappe, though, I didn’t sleep well.”

Argentina’s second goal, that was super cool.

“Di Maria’s shot was also super difficult, but he did well.
The second goals by Argentina and France were great.”

“That one looks like billiards. Are you really going for it? Luck, I guess.
The word “win or lose” is a very good description of soccer.”

“France had a bad first half.
I felt sorry for Mbappe, who didn’t get the ball at all.

“Messi did a good job of creating a walking system.
Maradona had a natural enemy, Ramon Diaz, and he excluded him from the national team, but Messi didn’t have that.
I really liked the feeling of a young tattooed army of Messi respect, running around for Messi.”

“It wasn’t the Argentina defense I knew.
It was fantastic.”

Argentina’s goalkeeper had a bad attitude and laughed.

“Aguero, who is retired, not just out of the team, interrupted the awards ceremony and held up the cup.
I guess the retired members of the Japanese national team can raise the cup when Japan wins!”

“Aguero is Maradona’s surrogate…
I thought Maradona’s daughter had already broken up with him.

“Was he on the staff for a bit?
I guess only winning members (including staff) and heads of state are allowed.”

“You didn’t think there was any place for Japan.
The final between Argentina and France was really gorgeous.”

“I’m glad France caught up because even if they had won 2-0, it would have been a very dull win.
It would have been better if it had ended with Messi’s final goal.”

“It’s a very picture-perfect World Cup scenario.
Messi and Mbappe both had great performances in the final.
Messi MVP, Mbappe top scorer.
This is going to be a tournament that will be talked about for years to come.”

“The last part is terrible.
Kicking the ball into the opponents bench.
And he’s encouraging his team to lose on penalty kicks.

it person going to win if someone kick the ball into my opponent’s arm.

“they’re already doing that.
And the DF knows it too, so he’ll fold his hands later to prevent it.
I almost never see it because it’s not effective, given that you miss and lose one chance in the PA.”

“The Argentine keeper made a god save at the end of the second half of extra time in a one-on-one situation by hitting the Argentine keeper on the leg.
It was really a miraculous save.”

“Messi had the advantage to begin with, but now it’s all settled.
Unless Cristiano Ronaldo lifts the trophy in the next World Cup…”

“All they’re talking about is Messi’s win.
I’d like to see a proper recap of the final.
Especially with France replacing Giroud and Dembele in the first half.
And Griezmann.
And then they come back to tie the game.
Deschamps is more of a magician than Poitiers.”

That’s another thing to keep an eye on.

The zero midfielders scared the shit out of me.

“That’s what I thought.
Deschamps is a great coach.”

“I’d love to hear a proper commentary on what happened there, too.
When he dropped Griezmann, I thought, “Deschamps, you’re throwing the game away,” and then he caught up with us.

“If it wasn’t for that super save in the second half of extra time, we would have won.
I think the team’s leadership was completely right.”

“France has a lot of individual ability, but I think they’re strong because Deschamps is able to direct and correct the game accurately.
If he had been able to take full advantage of Benzema and the other pieces who were out of shape, the result might have been the opposite.
It’s not an ordinary coach who can make the decision to drop Giroud in the first half, let alone Dembele.”

There’s a real story in the group stages and the final tournament when not only Messi, but also a young guy like Alvarez scored a goal and a veteran like Di Maria scored exactly the right goal in the final to win the tournament.

“The top 10 “best games” of the tournament, as selected by the British media outlet 90min, are as follows.

No. 1 Argentina vs. France (Final/3-3, PK 4-2)
No. 2 Netherlands vs. Argentina (Quarterfinals / 2-2, PK 3-4)
No. 3 Cameroon vs. Serbia (Group League / 3-3)
No.4 Argentina vs. Saudi Arabia (Group League / 1-2)
No.5 Germany vs. Japan (Group League / 1-2)
No.6 Saudi Arabia vs. Mexico (Group League / 1-2)
No.7 Morocco vs. Portugal (Quarterfinals / 1-0)
No.8 Portugal vs. Switzerland (Round 16 / 6-1)
No.9 Ghana vs. Uruguay (Group League / 0-2)
No. 10 South Korea vs. Ghana (Group League / 2-3)”

It didn’t matter if they were up by two goals with two minutes to play, Mbape’s impression of the match was so strong.

“I’m watching it back now and Koeman is a good player.

Embape and Messi are exceptional.”

“We won the Copa, we won the Copa and Euro championships, and finally we won the World Cup.
That’s the best ending of my soccer career.
I think they’re going to win the cl this season.”

The local press was overwhelmingly predicting an Argentina victory.

“This World Cup was fun.
Qatar is very well managed except for the gown they put on Messi at the end.
The stadium was cool, too.”

“The gowns were funny.
When the Beatles came to Japan.
I remember when the Beatles came to Japan and the members of the Beatles were happy to wear a Drift-like headband.”

The Argentinean people would have been more excited if the final had been against England.

“The scene where Argentina counterattacked from a big chance by France at the end of the game and Lautaro missed.
It was too much.”

Good except for the penalty kick.

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