Virginia Walmart shooting: 10 dead, suspect at large

The following article reports on the shooting that took place at a Walmart store in Virginia on May 2nd, 2023. The incident resulted in at least 10 fatalities and numerous injuries. The suspect is still at large, and authorities are making every effort to apprehend them.

This shooting is one of many that could continue to occur in the United States, and it has had a profound impact on society. Many people are expressing their sympathies to the victims and their families, and the debate over the need for gun control has been reignited.

Walmart has temporarily closed the store where the incident took place and is fully cooperating with the investigation. The company has also stated its commitment to enhancing safety measures for its customers and employees in the future.

Those affected by the shooting, including local residents and employees who faced the incident, will require psychological support. While calls for gun control reform are made each time such an event occurs, it is essential that each individual raises awareness of the issue and takes action to achieve such reforms

The police have identified the gunman as 31-year-old Andre Bing. They said he was armed with a handgun as well as multiple magazines.

US shooting: Man kills up to 10 in Virginia Walmart store

Japan Reaction

Japanese people are expressing shock and disappointment at the frequent occurrence of mass shootings in the United States and the government’s inability to regulate guns. Many people are grateful for Japan’s strict gun regulations and express the opinion that owning guns only promotes violence. Others raise doubts about the effectiveness of gun control by citing the number of guns already in circulation. Some argue that gun control is not the solution and that the only way to fight gun violence is to increase the number of guns. Additionally, some people point out that mass shootings are just one aspect of a larger problem of violence in America that is much more complex than gun regulation. Given the proliferation of guns and shooting, some people also express concern for the safety of former U.S. presidents and celebrities.

Japanese coment

They can’t even regulate it yet?

I mean, more than once a day, the frequency is awful.

I mean, almost twice a day.

I’ve never even owned a gun, but does owning a gun make you want to shoot at people?

It’s like Johannesburg with a 150% chance of being robbed.

It’s going to be over 700 by the end of the year.

“American society is already collapsing.
It’s just a big capitalist federation forming a governing structure.”

“The problem is the Democrats.
“The problem is the Democrats. They’ve let the gun laws take over.”

“I was born in America, so why would I want to cause that kind of trouble?
It’s like heaven.”

Because it’s full of guns.

It’s a country that’s so free that it’s almost incomprehensible.

“A long time ago, people said it was the American dream.
Now it’s a country I wouldn’t want to live in even if they asked me to.”

I’m glad Japan doesn’t have guns.

“It’s a wonder we don’t have gun control for this.
Well, I guess it’s ingrained in the American psyche.
Just like the Japanese don’t control rice cakes.”

Just a couple of days ago you had a random shooting at some nightclub or something.

Which is scarier than an old man trying to kill you with his car.

Is the National Rifle Association the Keidanren in Japan?

“I don’t like gun control because if we control guns, we won’t be able to protect ourselves.
There are too many guns and we’re in a situation where we can’t do anything about it anymore.”

“Historically, we’re a culture that protects ourselves.
We’re being attacked by criminals in that large of a country.
If we wait for the police, we’ll be killed before they get here.”

“I’m sure if there were 10 people there, some of them would have guns.
So you’re not preventing it after all?”

“Why is it that so many of the end are suicides?
Why don’t they just kill themselves the first time without any casualties?”

“The world hates us, so we’ll kill anyone we want.
You don’t want to be judged by the world, so you die first.

Why don’t you move to Japan, where there are no guns, instead of dangerous America?

“There are that many?
You should control it.”

“Sixty-six shootings a year is a wartime situation, to say the least.
It’s a hell of a situation, isn’t it?”

606 shootings this year is a bargain sale on gun violence.

“I saw this article about 10 years ago.
Regulating guns won’t work because there are already over 300 million guns on the street.
The conclusion was that you have to fight guns with guns.”

“On a state-by-state basis, that’s about one a month.
That’s a frequency of accidental deaths and injuries that doesn’t even compare to car accidents.

Even though thousands and thousands of people die every year.
“No cars on the road!” to eliminate traffic deaths. You can’t talk about that, can you?
The benefits far outweigh the disadvantages.”

What is the usefulness of guns?

For about half a century now, “More people die from firearms crimes in our country than from traffic deaths!” I don’t know.

They say it’s normal in America.

“Wal-Mart sells guns.
Fight back with them.”

“We don’t have ex-presidents in countries like this.
In Japan…
(Commenting on the assassination of former Japanese Prime Minister Abe.)

U.S. Rifle Association: “If the 10 people who died had pointed their muzzle at the shooter, there would have been no shooting spree.

That’s the one case where it was actually stopped or the damage was minimal.

“This is a rather big deal.
“Isn’t it a big deal in America?”

“It’s a terrible thing.
Oh, it’s just another one of those things.

After that, it’s just an endless, sterile debate between those who think we should have gun control and those who think we should have guns to protect ourselves.”

“I’m wondering how many people are killed in each of these shootings, which happen at a rate of about twice a day.
If it’s 10 people and it’s a Japanese incident, that’s an average of about three.”

“I’ve been to a gun range and pretended to point a gun at my friend next to me (it’s chained so I can’t actually point it at him from an angle) and then I said.
I yell, “Die!!!!” and the black employee guarding the back of the gun tried to wrestle me to the ground.
That’s how serious I am about guns.”

“I don’t even want to travel to a country where there are two shootings a day…
I mean, there’s more than just shootings, right?”

“Even though there are so many guns and shootings, ex-presidents and such are still safe.
On the other hand, in Japan, a former prime minister was assassinated with a handmade gun.
Is this a difference in SP?”

“Difference in safety awareness.
A foreign student got down the moment a tire stepped on a stone and made a “pang” sound.
Everyone thought it was a quintessential American.”

I’m guessing it’s a difference in experience, maybe doctors and such are less skilled at treating gunshot wounds.

This is a country where the current president gets shot.

Why would it be a supermarket or a church or a school?

“We have a gun problem.” Are you stupid?
Banning daggers hasn’t stopped criminals from using knives.
It’s up to the people who use rocks and whatever else they can find around here.
A truly safe society can only be created through education and distinction.
As long as there are human rights for those below 40, murders will happen even in a society that doesn’t allow them to wear any of their possessions.”

I don’t want to die in a supermarket.

“In Japan, all it took was two shots to Abe to change the world.
It’s a waste of time and money.

“I wonder if in Japan there are more random arsons than random shootings.
There’s the Kyoto-Osaka Joker and many others just off the top of my head.”

“To put the numbers together for 2021, there were 698 shootings, 709 people were killed and 2,857 were injured.
That works out to about 2 shootings per day, about 2 people killed and about 8 people injured!
(Including non-“random shootings,” about 40,000 people lose their lives to guns each year.)”

“Half of all gun deaths in the U.S. are suicides.
If Japan, which has a higher suicide rate than the U.S., were a gun society
If Japan were a gun society, the gun death rate per man-made ratio would be even higher than in the U.S.”

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