British Intelligence “Expels More Than 400 People Believed to be Russian Spies”

“November 17, 2022, 10:21 AM United Kingdom.

The head of the British intelligence agency MI5 has revealed that more than 400 people believed to be Russian spies have been expelled from Europe this year.

On October 16, Director General McCallum of MI5, the British intelligence agency in charge of maintaining domestic security, held a press conference to explain the security threats at home and abroad.

He said that since the beginning of this year, more than 600 people, including Russian government officials, have been expelled from European countries.

Secretary McCallum said that more than 400 of these people are believed to have been engaged in espionage activities, and that this is “the biggest blow to Russian intelligence in recent years.

He stressed the need for vigilance, saying that the Putin regime is still trying to exert its influence through assassinations, cyberattacks, and disinformation.

He also cited China and Iran as threats, pointing out that China is attempting to build public opinion in its favor through its reported establishment of Chinese police offices in various countries, in addition to its efforts to influence members of parliament and young public officials.

He warned, “These activities will increase as President Xi Jinping consolidates power.

That’s too many.

Japan probably has 10 times as many.

I hope it’s only 10 times as many.

This is like a witch hunt.

Japan should expel Russian spies from the Diet.

“I wonder why they let them go.
How will the UK be responsible for future victims?”

Hi, spy people, raise your hands~.

If we did this in Japan, we’d lose opposition party members.

If you include China and South Korea, most of the failed, current, and former members of the ruling and opposition parties would disappear. If it’s not good enough, the whole political party will disappear.

Japan should at least make an anti-spy law.

Even though spies control the Diet?

“Just look at the level of corruption in the LDP.
There is no way they can make such a law.”

“Meanwhile, in Russia, there was a Sorge boom.
(Russian spies operating in Japan during WWII.

That’s a lot of agents.

Japan is so crowded with spies from China, Russia, and the morning, it’s like chaos.

I get the feeling that they expelled all the suspicious ones because they didn’t know who was a spy.

It’s just a restructuring under the guise of “why not?
Almost all the Russians have been locked up.
Japanese were detained and sent to internment camps in the U.S., too.
Now deportation is the main axis. The IRA told us what would happen to these refugees.
The IRA taught us what would happen to those refugees, but we haven’t learned anything, and we’re just going to have more terrorists.”

“Let’s turn them over to Ukraine.
We’re doing a prisoner exchange, right?”

Japan is a spy paradise…”

Actually, there was a movie about how all the remaining spies are spies, right?

There are more in Japan.

I guess they punished the unsuspecting.

“Japan and Russia have good relations, so there might not be any additions.
I think it’s best not to provoke them, and not to be too pro-Russian.”

Where are all the people we expelled?

I wonder if it will soon become the norm to have to register your DNA and have an IC chip injected under your skin while entering any country.

China, for example, has facial recognition at airports that registers you when you enter the country, and surveillance cameras in buildings and on the street automatically track you.

AI can do this on its own without human intervention, and even if it cannot see your face, it can tell by the way you walk.

Meanwhile, in Japan, U.S. spies are infiltrating the country in large numbers via bases.

They’re still hiding. Look, there they are.

I used to think of Russia as the land of Tolstoy and Rachmaninoff, but this war has turned it into a ketaochi country (ketaochi is a local Japanese proverb meaning one or two steps below the norm), along with China and Korea, in the terminology of Nishinari.

“Japan should do the same.
There are obviously a lot of spies out there.”

NHK, the Japanese news agency, is also a pawn of a certain country. If they report the truth about a certain country, the expatriates in that country will have no choice but to disappear.

“Well, it makes sense to remove dangerous people from the country.
It makes sense.

I mean, people from the east should live in the east.
The infrastructure and technology should be done only in the East.
If you don’t like tyranny, if you prefer the West
If you don’t like tyranny, if you want the West, go fight in your own country and take the dictator’s head off by yourself.
Then we can talk about it.

I guess it’s still natural for this to happen.”

In Japan, he’s even a member of the Diet.

Spying is just gathering information and passing it on to your country’s advantage, isn’t it?

Japan should create an intelligence agency, too. They’re not just spying, they’re even getting into politics.

“Well, no matter how incompetent a politician may be, he can be approached by a cabal of people, and then he can be made a secretary and allowed to pass through to the Diet.
“Well, even the most incompetent politician can be of some use if he can be seduced into becoming a secretary and get a pass to the Diet, right?

I wonder how many of them there are in Japan.

“In Japan, there are over 100 Russian spies in the four major newspapers that we know of.
If you include the U.S., China, South Korea, and the DPRK, I have no idea how many there are.”

“Even in the U.S., the maximum penalty for spying is death, and many people have actually been executed.
Japan is so lenient that spies can operate without worry.
As is usual in illegal activities, those who are likely to leak information even if they are spies, or those who have information that could damage the organization to a higher degree, will be erased at the drop of a hat, even if they did not leak the information.”

That’s too much, what have you been doing?

“I think they’ve been playing us. In peacetime, there’s a good reason to do it, whether it’s deportation or arrest, but it can also sully diplomacy.
Now that we’re in an emergency situation, we’re just going to send them back unless we really want to keep them at large.”

I don’t know why there are so many of them. You’re already under Russian influence.

Isn’t that MI6? But it’s a different organization.

Russian spy: “Let’s go to Japan.

And the other 200 are just another bunch of fools.

It was a Russian government official, whose involvement in the crime was not obvious.

“We should ban communist cults from Japan as well.
Or rather, they should be explicitly banned by law.”

Let’s expel Russian spies from Japan, too.

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