U.S. Midterm Elections, Democrats to Maintain Senate Majority, Win Nevada, Secure 50 Seats

“In the U.S. midterm elections, the Democratic Party is certain to retain control of the U.S. Senate (100-seat chamber) as the vote counting process continues amid a tight race. A Democratic candidate was confirmed as the winner in the hotly contested state of Nevada on December 12 (EST), and the Democrats are now expected to secure the 50 seats they need to maintain their majority.

 In the event of a tie vote in the Senate, the vice president will decide whether to approve or reject the bill, which means that the Democrats will have a de facto majority with 50 seats secured. Democrats were also assured of victory in Arizona, which had been a close race in the Senate race. The loss of both Republican state candidates, who had received former President Trump’s original endorsement, is expected to affect Trump’s leadership in the party.

 According to CNN, as of 9:40 p.m. EST on December 12, Republicans held 211 seats and Democrats held 204 seats. The Republicans were expected to gain significantly from the 212 seats they held before the election, but the Democrats are putting up a good fight.

 Since the midterm elections are held in the middle of the four-year presidential term, they are meant to be a vote of confidence in the Biden administration, which at one point was expected to regain both the upper and lower houses of Congress from the Republicans, as the first price increase (inflation) in 40 years had put pressure on people’s lives, and their frustrations were focused on the Biden administration.

 However, the U.S. Supreme Court’s decision in June to deny abortion rights provided a tailwind for the Democrats. The backlash against the Republicans, who had nominated conservative justices, intensified, leading to an increase in support for the Democrats, especially among women voters.

Asahi Shimbun, November 13, 2022, 11:54 a.m.

“If Trump becomes Trump, it is almost certain that he will pull out of Ukraine, and China will proceed to Taiwan, and Trump will leave this alone as well.
There is nothing good about Trump for Japan.”

“Trump won’t be around for two years at the earliest.

To be frank, the liberal wing of the Democratic Party is demanding a ceasefire in Ukraine.
They also want us to quit supporting Ukraine and put it toward education and fighting inflation.

U.S. Democratic liberals call on president to make diplomatic efforts for Ukraine ceasefire

Thirty liberal members of the U.S. House of Representatives Democratic Caucus urged President Joe Biden on Tuesday to quit calling for U.S. aid to Ukraine, which is being invaded by Russia, and to use the current military and economic support for a cease-fire in Ukraine.
The letter, jointly signed by the 30 Democratic members of the U.S. House of Representatives, called on President Biden to combine current military and economic support with efforts to negotiate a cease-fire.

The letter pointed out the destructive effects of the invasion not only on Ukraine but also on the world, and noted the risk of a catastrophic escalation of the situation.
The letter noted the risk of a catastrophic escalation of the situation and stated, “We believe that it is in the interest of Ukraine, the United States, and the world to avoid a prolonged armed conflict.
The letter urged Biden to change his strategy, saying that aggressive diplomatic pressure, along with military and economic support, is needed “to intensify efforts to find a realistic cease-fire framework.”

The letter was led by Rep. Jayapal, president of the House Progressive Caucus.”

“It was Obama’s time when Russia snatched Crimea, though.
Seriously, I personally think Obama was incompetent.”

“How can a democrat win when all he does is war and raise taxes?
It would be rigged, and I doubt it in earnest.”

“If he’s able to secure the Senate, then he’s not going to lose his support for Ukraine.
I’m sure that’s not the case anymore.

“It’s not so strange that the LDP, which has done nothing but raise taxes in Japan, is still the ruling party.
That’s not so strange.”

Democrats took the Senate.

This means that Biden will be able to move forward with domestic politics without any atrophy (or at least without much fanfare), but what he does with it will determine his path to the next main election.

“Maybe Trump should just get his supporters together and split the country already.
He should base himself in Texas or something.
All normal Americans know that the super unpopular Biden Democrats can’t win this many seats.”

What’s Trump going to announce?

“Nevada was going to go Republican, but the Democrats have piled on.
This is now a guaranteed Trump disaster.
It hurts too much that he couldn’t take the Senate, let alone the “red wave.”
It’s interesting that Biden is getting through the difficulties quite well in the end, even though there are a lot of things that are a bit out of whack and dangerous.”

“To put it bluntly, Western liberals are suddenly anti-Communist.
The Japanese left is a right-wing unit of China, Russia, and the North.
They are the exact opposite in nature.”

“If we lose Taiwan, China will come to the Pacific, and the Democrats won’t allow it.
Trump is more likely to give it up if it benefits the U.S., and that’s dangerous.”

“Why has Trump lost popularity?
I don’t think he’s been saying the same thing.”

“I don’t think he’s been saying anything out of line.
If a lot of Republican supporters start to say, “Not Trump, please,” he’s not going to win big.

In Japan, there is very little coverage, but in the English-speaking media
“It’s so bad in Japan, but in the English-speaking media, it’s so bad that it’s hard to go a day without hearing the phrase ‘January 6 insurrection’.

“No, it’s amazing how popular it is.
If it were a Japanese citizen, his approval rating would be in the single digits.
Normally, he wouldn’t be able to maintain this kind of popularity.”

“He had popularity and momentum, but he wasn’t the type of guy who was good at scheming.
Putin is losing the information war, too, and it’s similar.
I liked the old Americanness of him, he was like a character.”

“The one remaining senatorial runoff in Georgia in December is also going to be won by a Democrat.
The Republican candidate is a brainless idiot who had his girlfriend get an abortion in the past.
He had kept his popularity alive by threatening that if he didn’t vote for me, the Democrats would win the Senate.
But now that the majority in the Senate has gone to the Democrats, there is no reason to vote for this empty-headed bastard.
There’s no reason to vote for this empty-headed bastard at all.”

“Running for president, right?
I really don’t think Trump can read the air.
If Trump had been a little quieter, I’m pretty sure it would have been a big Republican win this time.”

“In the House, NBC projects Democrats 216, Republicans 219.
The Republicans will barely get a majority, but there are no party lines, so if four people defected, the ruling party’s plan would easily pass.”

The Republicans are in a place where it looks like they came out trumps and lost, so Trump’s re-election is a long shot.

“It’s pretty deadly that he incited the attack on Congress.
It’s outrageous that he attacked the very foundation of democracy.”

“We had a perfect tailwind for the Republicans with nearly 10% inflation.
There are a lot of anti-Trump people who absolutely hate Trump.”

“The 20- and 30-somethings in the U.S.
Biden signed the American Student Loan Forgiveness Act.
The big thing is that at one point, young people voted Democrat in droves.

The previous thread saying that this U.S. Student Loan Forgiveness Act is now illegal is a lie.

It was only a conservative Texas district court that ruled it illegal.
In other states, all claims of illegality have been rejected.


At least if you oppose this U.S. student loan repayment forgiveness
It will surely fail in the elections due to the fierce opposition of the younger generation.”

“Incidentally, the Republicans are still no closer to winning a majority in the House of Representatives.
Every media outlet is stuck at 211.
Only NBC is giving a projected gain of seats.
The margin has narrowed to 219 Republicans and 216 Democrats.”

“That’s why Trump is going to tell Japan to go nuclear, and he’s going to tell Japan to spend more on defense.

Biden was very much against nuking Japan.
And now the military balance in East Asia is on the verge of collapse because of support for Ukraine. For all his bull, Biden is helping China.



The loss of stockpiled ammunition means a loss of succession capability.”

“That said, Trump is still the mainstay of the Republican Party.
I’m not sure if we can win without Trump.”

“And the Democrats are leading in Georgia more than the original, just because they didn’t get 50% of the vote.
There’s no factor that would tilt the vote toward the Republican candidate in a runoff.”

“It’s not like the Republicans are strong on the economy to begin with.
What the heck is a Herschel Walker?”

“The Cheating Festival is coming up soon.
If you’re attending, please start up your social networking sites and wait for Trump’s signal to begin.
Please also follow Trump’s instructions for the Capitol Hill tour.”

“Just because the Republican margin of victory has decreased doesn’t change the fact that the Democrats lost.
Trump’s return to the presidency is a done deal.”

“It’s a shame that the opposition can’t get a majority in the midterm elections.
I think it’s almost unheard of in the last 20 years.”

“I thought next month would decide it, but they took Nevada too.

Senate, Democrats, appointments.
The House is Republican, the bill.

I think we’re going to see more vetoes of Biden’s presidential veto.
Maybe because of Biden’s son.”

The Democrats are going to take over the House, too.

But it’s gonna take a long time to get the vote counted in the United States.

The Georgia runoff vote is now a sure thing for the Democrats, and it’s 52-49 in the Senate.

“This is good news.
Trump is at an age where he should be retiring.
The Democrats might get Biden, so I like the scenario of a generational shift with a younger Republican leader beating Biden.”

“I doubt it.
I see about 15 Democrats and 5 Republicans in the remaining 20 seats.
The Democrats are likely to win a 219-seat majority.”

“I don’t approve of abortion rights, and that’s why your approval rating is going up.
Wow, America.
Japan, which has been designated the top discriminatory nation by the UN, should learn from you, right? For the sake of women.

“It was the Supreme Court that denied abortion rights.
You can’t overturn it in an election.”

“The Republicans are losing a lot of votes this time because of the abortion issue.
No matter how much they talk about the economy and inflation, banning abortion is too detrimental to women.
It’s no exaggeration to say that their recklessness on the abortion issue is the reason they lost.”

“You lost the presidential election with anyone but Trump.
And even after the election, he was even uglier for making up a rigged election and attacking Congress.
It’s a complete self-destruction of the Republican Party to still carry such a hated man.”

“According to NBC.
“NBC is reporting a narrow 216 to 219 Republican victory in the House of Representatives.”

“Trump’s protectionism has done a lot of damage to Japan.
The conservative wing of the party is turning a blind eye to it.”

“The Republicans are openly aligned with the religious right and the National Rifle Association.
Maybe they’ll lose a few supporters in the future.
More immigrants equals more Democrats.
And if it’s religion and guns, he’s going to lose support among younger voters.”

“In general, Trump is too blind to the situation.
He made a lot of noise about rigging the last presidential election, and he stormed into Congress.
You really think he’s going to be elected president again after all the shit he pulled in the last presidential election, like calling it rigged and breaking into Congress?
If you really think that, you’re too blind to the situation.
We should not have a president who has such poor judgment of the situation.”

“If you look at each primary, the only states that haven’t opened are California, which is a Democratic stronghold, and there’s a chance that the Republicans could flip it here.
It could be a case of the Democrats maintaining their majority and Pelosi being reappointed as Speaker.”

“Doesn’t it feel like a collusion between the Democrats who want to avoid a Biden lame duck and the Republican anti-Trumps?

As a result, it’s likely that the (old) Republican Party will be more supportive on balance in the presidential race.”

“This is a rather historic accomplishment.
The opposition usually always wins.”

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