[Midterm Election] Trump’s Responsibility Emerges in U.S. Republican Party

“[Washington, D.C.] The New York Times and other newspapers reported on April 10 that some are questioning former President Trump’s responsibility in the Republican Party, which unexpectedly failed to increase its seats in the midterm elections, and that some are saying he should not run for the next presidential election.



“As far as the Senate is concerned.
The Senate is 21 out of 35 seats up for election, and 21 of those seats are Republican.
It’s impossible to increase the number of seats in that state.”

“If you look at it on the basis of seats up for re-election, he’s winning hands down.
Well, Trump is not as popular with independents as Hillary is, so changing is a strategy, but if he stays the same, Biden will definitely be finished after one term.

“It was the Republicans who carried Trump in the first place.
After he lost the election, Trump was going to start a new party, and the Republicans convinced him to leave our party.

“From the Democrats’ point of view, the only person Biden can beat in the next presidential election is Trump, so they’re going to try to manipulate Trump to come out, no matter how hard he tries.
DeSantis, Pence, Rubio, whoever comes out, Biden can’t win.”

“Originally, midterm elections were always won by the opposition party, and they’ve been twisted much longer than they’ve been twisted in American history.
The Senate battleground district that Trump went in to support is 3-2 undecided 3.
The House of Representatives is also running well below expectations, and Trump’s popularity is certainly on the wane.
He’s 78 for the presidential election the year after next, so he should give way to the backbenchers.”

Will he use the midterms to get caught up on the home raids after this? If he does, Florida Governor?

Even if he sets up a new party, the Democrats will just win overwhelmingly because of the conservative split.

“A lot of Republicans are unvaccinated, and they’re dying from coronas.
That’s going to affect the election.”

I mean, the attacks on Congress and the abortion ban are just the usual don’t-do factors.

Considering his age, there’s no guarantee he’ll be healthy enough for the next presidential election, and even if he’s elected, it’s going to be difficult for him to win for another four years.

WASHINGTON, July 7 (Reuters) – President Biden’s approval rating dropped one percentage point to 39 percent in a Reuters/Ipsos poll conducted this week as the U.S. midterm elections draw near, the lowest since he took office. Biden’s unpopularity is not surprising, as his approval rating has fallen to 39%, down one percentage point from its lowest level since he took office in May and June (36%).

Biden’s unpopularity has reinforced the view that the opposition Republican Party will regain its majority in the House of Representatives in the midterm elections on August 8 and may have an advantage in the Senate as well.

I don’t think there’s any doubt that Biden isn’t popular either.
But he’s going to lose to Trump because they said it was a matchup of haters when it was Trump vs. Hillary.”

“There’s a lot of talk about it, but this is an election you know you can win with Trump against Biden.
Even if the wind doesn’t blow, he’s still winning with his rock-solid base of support.”

“New York Post front page.

DeSantis shows the future of the Republican Party.”

‘How Trump sabotaged the midterms’

“Left-wing media, man.
Trump did a great job of getting nearly 200 fraudulent election theorists elected this time.”

“DeSantis’ Victory Speech

‘We fight WOOKE in Congress!
 We fight woke in our schools and in our businesses!
 We will never bow down to the WOOKE Rogue!
 Florida is the place where WOOKE dies!!!!”

WOOKE = Consciousness.”

I guess the Republican Party didn’t grow as much as I thought it would.

“Trump and Biden are getting too old.
They were interesting as characters.”

“Relying on supporters and voters alone and relying on campaign finance are two different things, you know?
That’s why the LDP can still stay strong.
I’m looking forward to seeing the results of the next election, though.”

Is there a future for the Republican Party after losing Trump?

“If Trump leaves the Republican Party and forms a new party.
Democrats will win hands down.

Republican supporters and Trump supporters split.”

“U.S. Press.
The expected “Republican wave” in the U.S. midterm elections did not happen, and U.S. conservatives gave up on Trump, saying the “Trump era is over.””

“Don’t Republicans feel like they could have won?
Where do you get the idea that if Trump didn’t exist, it would have been an overwhelming victory?”

“If you think about the next two years, it’s because the wave won’t happen to Biden first.
The next presidential election will be determined by the bedrock support base.

Trump is the most calculable when it comes to who can solidify his bedrock base.

DeSantis would be a lightweight, if he gets a little bit of a media beatdown, that’s the end of him.
Trump, no matter how hard he’s beaten by the press, he’s still getting results.
And Trump’s picks, the Trumpists, are getting results this time around.”

“In the first place, a little bit of a media beatdown like DeSantis is not going to be enough to make a big difference in American society.
It’s impossible for someone like DeSantis to bring about a major change in American society if he’s just a little bit beaten by the media.

He’ll end up as a safe bet because he’ll be completely controlled by the media.

Trump and the Trumpites are the only ones who can make a difference in American society.
Only Trumpists can transform American society.”

“And it’s Trump who has divided conservatives.
Conservatives are not monolithic.
Republicans are too extreme in everything they do and say.

Biden is in such shambles that I thought the Democrats would lose and go Republican, but Trump got there too soon and this is what happens.

The last presidential election, if it wasn’t Trump, it was anybody, and a lot of them went Democrat.”

“The order is wrong.
The Republican Party has always been dominated by neocon warlords.
Trump’s protection of workers was also done by the Democrats during the time of her husband Clinton.

It’s just the media covering up the conflict with the globalists.”

“Is there anyone in the Republican Party who could replace Trump?
Wasn’t there some young woman of African descent who was a staunch conservative?”

“There’s always someone who’s going to be lifted up by the media.
But if the media beats them up, that’s the end of them.
You can’t expect much from them as a politician.

Trump is different in that respect.
Other than Trump, there’s no one else who can take a beating from the press and keep their support.”

“I’m fine with Pence.
He’s much more sane.”

“He’s a great human being.
But if the press beats you up, you’re done.
The media will control you.
And as a politician, you’re safe, you can’t do anything, and that’s the end of you.

Humanity is not proportional to political achievement.”

“The Governor of Florida, who’s often referred to as a spoiled brat, has twisted policies, too.
He bites at rats, he removes people he doesn’t like from his family, he doesn’t allow LGBT education for kids, and he cuts them off.

The Miami high school shooter should have been executed.

He’s still young, and he’s still appealing to the middle class and below, so it sounds good.
But when he becomes president, the Republicans and the Democrats tend to be basically on the same page, but I’m not sure about the governor of Florida.”

“Florida is a border state, so it’s no surprise that conservatives who are tough on immigration are popular there.
The only reason why the Republican Party has been slow to grow, even with rising inflation and crime, is because of the ban on abortion and no to the Flat Arthurian evangelicals.”

“Trump haters unite when Trump runs.
But, well, I’m still surprised at how strangely and cleanly Republicans and Democrats are split, just like the last election.
I’m surprised at how cleanly the Republicans and Democrats are split, even though they could be a little more polarized.”

“If you look at Mississippi law, it doesn’t prohibit abortion, and it’s a liberal suicide.
We have state laws on marijuana.
Or that abortion rules are bound by federal law, not state law, and that’s a denial of liberty.

If you want to tie it to the Constitution, you have to amend the Constitution.
Because there is no provision for abortion in the Constitution.”

“It was sickening to watch the news stations yesterday and today.
I don’t know how you can be so blatantly biased against another country.”

“The Senate isn’t in yet, but you guys have been duped by the media.
It’s a Republican majority, for crying out loud.”

“And then there’s DeSantis, who won the Florida governor’s race at the same time.
He’s going to be a tougher opponent for Trump in the race for the Republican nomination than the Democratic candidate.”

“Even if he only gets half of the remaining 42 seats.
+27, an overwhelming majority.
And he’ll probably go +30 or more.
That’s a solid Republican victory.”

“Regardless of who wins.
I don’t want to hear about democracy in America, where it takes this long just to count the votes.”

“Well, the House of Representatives is the most important election.
The Senate is not so important.

“Even with an all-out assault on Trump by the Jewish capitalists who own all the major media outlets in the world, half of the American people will still vote against it.
Half of the American people were adamantly opposed to it.
That may be the decisive difference from the Japanese people.”

“It’s an overwhelming Republican victory.
Well, not as much of a victory as I thought.”

“It’s a rigged vote from Trump’s critics, and I doubt Sen.
In fact, Biden clearly jumped the gun.
I don’t care how much you don’t like Trump, you have to be fair.
It’s not everything that’s right.”

You’re all fake news.

The Republican Party is in a slump because of the abortion ban. It’s not Trump’s fault.

The reason the Republicans couldn’t make a breakthrough this time is because they didn’t turn pro-abortion.

“The MAGA crowd is getting impatient and beating DeSantis.

No wonder Trump’s days are numbered.”

“But Biden and Trump are both so old.
I wonder if Hillary or someone else will come out of the woodwork.”

“In the midterm elections, the party of the incumbent president always loses seats.
This is a consistent behavior of the Americans, who are different from the Japanese in dimension.
It’s a common practice for the Democrats to lose seats.
In addition, the expectation of a Republican victory by a critical vote is not the case at all.
The decline will be the smallest in the past 40 years.
A substantial Democratic victory.”

“Even FOX News is starting to pick his successor, you know.
Trump’s personality is fascinating.
But his ability to recruit and develop talent is not good enough.
I’m going to have to think about post-Trump due to his age.
I don’t want to choose from the talent Trump has hired.
I feel like it’s coming from the Republican media.”

“Republicans are +30 per.
Maybe a little bit more.
If we’re at war and we’re winning.
That’s a big enough win for the Republicans.
It doesn’t matter.
There is no Trump.

“I don’t know enough about America to know the details.
I don’t understand the details of the U.S., so I can’t speak to that.
I can’t say for sure, but it’s true that the number of people who are allergic to Trump is definitely growing.
I don’t understand the details of America, but it’s true that the number of people who are allergic to Trump is definitely increasing.

I can’t say for sure, but it’s true that the number of people who are allergic to Trump is growing.
as a president of a company, but not as a politician.
as a politician, even though he is recognized as a president of a company.
I am sure you all feel the same way.

That’s why I suggested
I suggested to Mr. Trump that he should be zen.
I think it’s best if Mr. Trump becomes as rounded as Mr. Jobs.
It’s best for him to be well rounded.”

“Republicans Will Do Without Trump in 2024,” FOXNews

In the race for the Republican nomination, Ron DeSantis will face off against Trump himself.
The latter has already threatened to release “inconvenient information” about the Florida governor.”

“Maybe the abortion thing is affecting him?
That’s such a personal choice.”

“Before that, Trump is suspected of taking classified documents out of the White House.
He should not be running for president when he could end up in jail.

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