Trump responds to reports that he is “not angry at all” about the midterm elections

“Former U.S. President Donald Trump, a Republican, responded to reports on his social media page on April 10 that he was “angry” about the Republican Party’s sluggish showing in the eight-day midterm elections, saying, “It’s a false observation. Don’t believe it. I am not angry at all. I myself am not running (in the midterm elections), but I have done a very big job. I am busy thinking about the future,” he posted. He countered with his signature line, “I am an emotionally stable genius.”

 The New York Times reported that Trump has blasted those who have advised him in the past to support Oz, a doctor who lost a Senate race in Eastern Pennsylvania, and that his wife Melania and FOX News anchor Hannity, with whom he is close, have also taken the brunt of his anger. Trump responded, “It’s a fake story. He praised Oz as “a great candidate and worked hard,” but insisted that “Oz was wrong” for not agreeing with Trump’s refusal to admit defeat in the 2020 presidential race.

 Trump said on April 9 that he was “somewhat disappointed” with the results of the midterm elections. According to the Washington Post, Trump is also considering postponing his announcement of a run for the next presidential election, which was scheduled for December 15, as the U.S. Senate race in the southern state of Georgia between a pro-Trump candidate and the Democratic incumbent will be brought to a runoff on December 6. [Shinichi Akiyama, Washington, D.C.

Mainichi Newspapers 2022/11/11 02:39

I’m not angry at all. I’m a great guy if I can make him angry.

“It is not reported at all in Japan, but Democrats took two Republican seats in the gubernatorial elections held at the same time in some states.
Japanese people don’t know about it.”

He’s going to say something about vote rigging again.

“They’re already saying it.
I’m going to use it as an excuse if I lose by messing around during the election like I did last time.”

“That’s right, the MAGA candidates I’ve been pushing for have won all over the place.
That’s because his influence within the GOP is ⤴︎.”

The fake news is too much.

“He won a lot of seats in the new seats.
If you add the non-elected seats together, it’s about even.
Calling it a loss is too biased.”

“What’s wrong with Trump?
He’s your favorite businessman.”

It’s like the DPJ in Japan.

“Preliminary vote counts show Republicans winning the Senate, the House, and the Governor’s office.
Does it have to be a super overwhelming victory?”

“It seems like the ruling party is at a disadvantage when it comes to criticism of their administration, so it’s only natural for the opposition party to win.
If they don’t gain a Senate seat here, the hurdles for the next midterm elections are going to be really high.”

They’re furious in Japan! It’s all over the news, isn’t it?

“There’s too much coverage of Trump’s downside. 
You don’t have to put him down so much.”

From Payoc’s point of view, Trump is still the biggest threat.

Trump cheerleader FOX is starting to criticize Trump.

Biden jump is coming.
Why are we talking about Trump losing this, Trump sucks?”

The media “A super overwhelming win is a win. If it’s not a super-competitive win, then he’s actually losing.”

“Furthermore, in the 2018 midterm elections.
confidence vote, so Trump loses when it’s close.
The will of the people has been shown
that the people’s will has been shown.”

If we lose Trump, the Republicans have no future.

If the Republicans were the ruling party, you wouldn’t be reporting this.

There’s a jump trail again.

Even when Abe’s Liberal Democrats were in power, there were reports that they actually lost because it wasn’t the overwhelming victory that was predicted in advance.

“If Arizona wins, Senate candidate Masters will get a majority of the vote.
If Senator Masters wins, he’ll get a majority and Trump’s pro-Trump candidate for governor, Kelly Lake, will do a great job.
I’m sure Trump supporters will be relieved.
I wonder why the polls have been stopped for so long.”

The House will be Republican by a narrow margin, but the Senate is projected to have Democrats tied or up one seat in the remaining three states.

“Why the Biden jump in the midterms in the first place?
The only thing that will change the original trend – and the only thing that will change the original trend
is just one time.
The second time is a sure thing.”

“Overall, though, the Republican advantage won’t change.
The only way to break the ruling party and the media tag team would have been to win both houses of Congress as well as the governorships.”

“Can we win the primaries?
Can he win the primaries? Can he win the midterms in the primary?
I think the Republicans would be more likely to win if they ran another candidate.”

“Governors are important because they have the authority to manage elections.
Especially after Trump.
The House is a two-year term and the power changes quickly.”

“The midterm elections, extreme inflation, an unpopular president, and all the other bad factors should have resulted in a Democrat loss, but Generation Z voted Democrat in droves.
The opposite of Japan.”

“Inflation is also likely to have a soft landing.
I wonder where Trump will attack the Biden administration.”

“In Japan, the opposition is like Trump.
A leftist who condones violent revolution would storm the Diet with impunity.”

“The Republicans are almost guaranteed a majority in the House, and even if they don’t have a majority in the Senate, they’re still well ahead in terms of the number of seats up for election.
There’s no way Trump is unhappy with that, so what’s with the trash that’s reporting on it that doesn’t make sense?”

The Japanese media is just importing news from CNN.

“American liberal media is terminal.
The congressman who supported Trump is 174-9.
They’re lying about the congressmen who supported Trump losing and the Republican candidates who didn’t are winning.”

“There’s so much shit in the press that wants to make Trump look bad anyway.
Brainwashing coverage.”

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