2022 U.S. Midterm Elections Democrats Clearly Outnumber Democrats

In the U.S. midterm elections, which will go to the polls on August 8, the ruling Democratic Party’s inferiority is becoming clear. Here is a report from Washington.

 (Reporting by Yuki Kojima, reporter)
 On Sunday, the last day of the election campaign, President Biden made a push to win support for his party, saying, “This is an election that will decide the future of this country.

 U.S. President Biden: “These two days are the most important election campaign in my lifetime. It will be one of the watersheds that will shape our country for decades to come.
It will be one of the watersheds that will shape our country for decades to come.”

 Although he spent most of his speech touting his economic achievements, voter dissatisfaction with record-high prices is growing, and the Democrats are struggling.
Democrats are facing an uphill battle.

 United States, former President Trump: “I will have to do it again to make the United States successful, safe, and brilliant. Stay tuned!”

 For Trump, who is hoping to make a comeback, the victory or defeat of a pro-Trump candidate in a battleground state will be a touchstone for the next presidential election.

 According to the latest polls, Republicans are favored to retake the majority in the House of Representatives, while the Senate remains unpredictable.
The Senate, on the other hand, remains unpredictable, especially in the four states of Nevada, Arizona, Georgia, and Pennsylvania.
The Senate, on the other hand, remains unpredictable, especially in the four states of Nevada, Arizona, Georgia, and Pennsylvania.

 President Biden is facing a critical moment to see if he can maintain his majority in that Senate.

Finally the world will normalize.

Trump please.

I wonder what the strategy against Russia will be when it comes to Trump.

I think he’s going to move to a ceasefire.
I don’t think Ukraine will be happy with that.

Trump is the one who sold Javelin to Ukraine.
He only cares about making money for other countries.

I really hope Russia, China, and the Middle East oil producers do well.

I thought he was going to do something, but he didn’t make anything positive at all on the day of the election.

Is Trump coming back?

See, the fact that he couldn’t win the election and show justice for the accusations of fraud in the previous election is the beginning of the stinginess.
That was the one that discredited the Democrats in general.
The policies that followed were also seen as a follow-up to Trump’s and failed to do the anti-Trump justice.

The economy was strong during Trump’s time. (The economy was strong during Trump’s time (except for the one year of Corona).

Biden was fast on the initial launch of vaccines, but couldn’t contain Corona, he’s got a bad depression in Afghanistan, shale oil regulations are raising domestic electricity costs ridiculously, illegal immigration is being accepted, and California is a petty crime haven.
We’ve had no positive results at all during his term in office.

And people are stupid enough to get a vaccine that hasn’t even been tested in a clinical trial.
We got the vaccine within a few weeks of the corona! How is that possible?

The far left has gone too far.
They welcome illegal immigrants and then turn their backs on them when they are sent back.
They beat you with a polyglot stick if you don’t show African-Americans in the latest cancelled culture, movies, and video games.
Even the uneducated people at the bottom will realize that there is something wrong with them if they keep getting worse and worse.

I’m sure the citizens have snapped because of the high cost of living.

Biden’s lame duck status is a sure thing, but I think he should get a dementia test before that.
He’s not exactly the leader of a superpower, and he’s looking a bit dim.

Well, that’s Biden for you.
I don’t think he’ll listen to anything I have to say.

Well, even if the Republicans win, inflation won’t go away easily.

If Trump wins, he’ll probably lift the shale oil regulations, etc., so domestic gas prices will go down, right?

I’m sure they will, but the cost of materials is going up right now, so it may not go down until Trump’s time.

That’s why the wide shows are running strange specials on the US.

It’s not an easy country for citizens to live in.

Inflation is bad.

If Democrats don’t win, it doesn’t necessarily mean Republicans will.

Will the Democrats still win in California under the current circumstances?

For a Democrat, it helps that he doesn’t push Japan too hard.
Maybe they just don’t care about Asia.

“They’re pulling Obama out of the campaign.
He’s the reason we got Trump.
I really think he’s going to lose.”

“Republicans are better in Japan than Democrats.
Biden hasn’t put much of a burden on Japan thanks to Russia, China, Afghanistan, etc., but so far, a Democrat presidency hasn’t been good for Japan.”

It’s not that we’re not interested in Asia, it’s just that it’s not a priority because we have the Ukrainian front where we can make more money.

Biden jumps, so we can afford it.

“It doesn’t matter if we take measures, because all we have to do is make the Biden jump.
In the end, the regime is stronger.”

“Biden: “As long as we don’t change the voting machines, we can make as many Biden jumps as we want, so the democrats win.”
And they’ve decided to hold the election this time with those infamous voting machines.”

“Biden jumps are being taken care of in the states where the Republicans have taken them by tightening the identification of the voters when they vote.
And since they couldn’t overcome the public’s distrust, a second Biden jump would be difficult.”

“From a security, economic, and social justice standpoint, it would be better if the Republicans won.
But for Japan’s current administration, it’s more convenient to be a Democrat.”

“There was almost no Biden presence. Trump was too powerful.
Well, in Japan, people are envious that wages are going up even with inflation, but from the American people’s point of view, it’s not keeping up with inflation at all, and they’re probably thinking, “Oh, for heaven’s sake.

“The Republicans have agriculture and mining as their base of support, while the Democrats have commerce as their base of support.
The Democrats have commerce as their base of support.
The Democrats are pro-China and anti-Japanese because their base of support includes overseas Chinese and Japan was prospering.
Now that Japan is in decline and China is prospering.
Biden has turned his back on China since the election.
The payola media in the U.S. is also criticizing Biden.
It’s because he’s antagonizing people who can’t cut ties with Chinese money.”

Even if you tamper with the vote count like you did before, you’re still going to lose in front of the overwhelming popular will now.

“The Democrats who gave up Afghanistan to the Taliban can’t win.
Even their supporters were criticizing them.
And they’ve been talking about helping the poor, but they’ve left inflation so high that it’s not even caused by unemployment.
The current situation is not caused by unemployment, but by high prices and the need to distribute food.”

“This time around, people are already pointing out that it’s not right that it’s taking so long to tally only the Democratic districts.
Maybe they’ll let the votes be counted first, let them jump, and then start counting the Republican votes.”

“New York is having a hard time with illegal immigrants being sent here.
The Yankees have seen the reality and understand that a utopia is not possible.”

“Did you know that the U.S. military is providing weapons to ISIS, which is opposing the Taliban regime? And it looks like the US is sending ISIS to Ukraine.
The US Biden administration sucks. 1/4 of the US nuclear power plants use and still import uranium from Russia. Furthermore, because of the shortage of crude oil, they are stealing crude oil from Syria and selling it to the EU. The EU raised the price of crude oil and natural gas, and East Asia decided to lower the price. In other words, the end of hegemony by US threats and sanctions is approaching. Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Iran, etc. seem to join the BRICS economic bloc, and Japan 26, and it is said that Japan will join the BRICS economic bloc in 2026.”

“We need Ukraine to win at all costs, though.
I think Trump would break this chain of events because of the China-Taiwan war and other things that are coming up.
The Democrats are being fooled by North Korea.
It’s funny that the U.S. has so much energy, but we’re stopping it.”

“If it’s a choice between winning by cheating or losing by a fair fight, it would be more graceful to lose by a fair fight, but I don’t think Pajiba has that kind of purity.
It shouldn’t be so straightforward this time either.”

“Prices aren’t going to go down just because you’re a Republican.
It would be shortsighted to blame Democrats for a global problem.”

“Trump’s failure to open the war against the North and against Iran.
The reason why the military-industrial complex, which is supposed to be the Republican support base, turned on him and lost.
That’s why we had the twist of a presidential change while keeping the Senate.
The point of the midterm elections was to determine whether or not the Democrats would tolerate the current situation of providing arms to Ukraine.
The point of the midterm elections is whether or not the Democrats are tolerating the current situation in the U.S. as a whole.
I don’t care about the inflationary grievances of the people who don’t even know if they have citizenship.”

Stopping shale rock mining with a first-time presidential order was the ultimate in blundering.

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