Englishman: “Our food is real Japanese food.” → I think it’s not the same.

Please come to London. I’ll give you a taste of real Japanese food.


That sounds very random.

It’s not something, it’s definitely not something.

Oh, oh…

Mangoes and avocados.

Stop it.

It’s a revolving sushi bar.
In Japan, they have hamburgers and fried shrimp.

Katie, that’s not true.

It’s like calling meat stew beef stew.

It even has a tropical flair.

You’ve got to do a lot of things.
You’ll get some good Japanese food eventually.

Maybe it’s newer than you think.
Maybe a second California roll will be born.

I can’t help it.

manager looks a little like Scully.
I’ll forgive him this one time.

Well, it’s England. ……

Even conveyor belt sushi
What the hell is this?

As long as it tastes good.

It looked like a fly was perched on the top of the sushi.

There was strawberry sushi in Brazil!
Sushi rice + strawberries

Avocado is good.

It looks better than those salad rolls!

What do English people usually eat?

they eating this.

I saw this in the back of a bar.

Baked beans are too sweet… What are those black ones? I’ve never seen it before.

I think it’s a blood sausage.

This is…

The color is just amazing!
I thought it was chocolate cake.

Sushi rice with raw ingredients is like sushi.

That’s pretty innovative.
I’d like to try some.

I’d like to try it.

It’s like a Japanese itameshi.

If it evolved in its own way and is selling well, that’s good enough for me.
I don’t think many Japanese would want to eat it.

You should call it “Japanese style food” or “Japanese style food” or “Japanese style food” or something.

What’s that line Yamaoka would say?

It’s a completely original cuisine.

It’s not from Japan, it’s from a fictional country called Zipangu.

I don’t know where this sushi comes from anymore.

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