Sunlight doesn’t reach the town, so an attempt to use giant mirrors to reflect and illuminate the sunlight is underway.

“”Giant Mirror to Create Sunshine on Valley Floor, 100-Year Plan Realized in Norwegian Mountain Town””

Rjukan, a rugged mountain town about 150 kilometers west of the Norwegian capital, Oslo, has been trying for more than 100 years to create a sunlit valley floor.
Rjukan is known for being shrouded in darkness in the winter, when the sun’s rays do not reach the town at the bottom of the valley.
In Rjukan, an attempt was made to illuminate the town by reflecting sunlight off three huge mirrors set up on the mountain.

The idea of installing mirrors on the mountain was conceived about 100 years ago.
The artificial sun system, which has finally been realized, will be officially put into operation on the 31st of this month.

Source article Japanese

There was once a story in Thunderbirds about a city almost catching fire doing something similar.

“Gundam technology?
(It’s a very popular Japanese anime).”

Only 3 pictures?

They did that somewhere in Italy, too.

What a shambles.

Why would you live in a place like that?

“Japan would be the same.
Summer is hot, winter is cold.
Typhoons come, earthquakes happen.
Why would you live in a place like that?”

“You should move. ……
What are you going to do about the maintenance costs of such a place?”

“The scale of this place is much smaller than the article suggests.
I wonder how big it will be over the next 100 years…”

I think I’ve seen the same thing done in a similar area.

It’s just a solar system!

Solar Ray is a laser cannon that uses electricity generated by solar panels, so it’s a mistake to call it a solar system.

The person on the left in the first image looks like a composite photo because of the reflection of the light.

“It’s not as bad as I thought it would be.
I thought they would be lined up in a row like a mega solar power plant.”

It looks like it’s going to break down in a strong wind.

“The reflection is going to make the area a lively place for people to gather.
A little market or something.”

It could be used for the human pyrokiller trick.

It’s gonna get warmer.

Maybe we should all move.

What? That’s it…?

“I can get by with this crappy mirror.
How many houses are there?
It looks like enough for two or three houses.

I saw a TV show a few years ago about a village doing the same thing.

I don’t know why the old man in the picture with him looks so smug when it’s on this scale.

“The solar cells are so close to vertical.
Must be the latitude.”

If you use a lot of them, they’re bright at night, right?

“Terrorists hacked in and took over the system.
When certain buildings and people get hit by solar beams.
McQueen shows up and shatters the mirror and says.
And then you say, “High tech doesn’t matter to me.”

“You’ve only got three exaggerated mirrors and about one side of a tennis court.
There’s only sunlight on one side of the tennis court.
It’s only a few months out of the year, so just put up some flimsy metal sheets.”

“They’re just mirrors.
You might want to scatter it around a bit.
You’re only going to get three points for this.”

“If you look at the second image, you can see cylinders up and down and left and right.
Maybe it’s supposed to be able to send light to some specific place.
If they were pointed at your house, you’d be blinded.
If you increase the number of images and gather them into a single point, you’ll end up with a solar furnace.”

Do they think they’re going to add more?

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