[China] Fire in Shanghai high-rise apartment building kills 53, cause revealed

A fire broke out in a 28-story high-rise apartment building at No. 728 Jiaozhou Road, Jing’an District, Shanghai, at around 2 p.m. on March 15, killing 53 people and leaving 70 people
are receiving treatment at a hospital. According to the initial investigation, the accident was caused by the illegal operation of four arc welders without a permit.
The four welders have already been arrested.

After the fire, Shanghai’s public security, fire, sanitation, and emergency response departments immediately responded to the scene, and the fire department dispatched 25 firefighting teams and 100 fire trucks to the scene.
The fire department sent out 25 firefighting teams and 100 fire trucks to evacuate 100 nearby residents to safety.

The fire was extinguished by 6:30 p.m. on the evening of November 5, and the residents trapped on each floor were rescued.

Chinanet 2010/11/16

“Scene of the fire, photographed on November 15, 2010.

Meng Jianzhu, State Councilor and head of the Public Security Department, announced early in the morning of November 16 that a Shanghai “11/15” Special Major Fire Incident Investigation Team will be set up

Firefighters extinguishing a fire.

Firefighters taking turns to eat.

They should have blown up the water tank on the roof.

It’s a wonder anyone survived the fire.

The surrounding buildings must be scared like tomorrow is my own day.

“But I guess it’s still a flammable exterior, burning down a whole building with just arc welding.
So incendiary bombs are enough to destroy a Chinese city.”

I have a lot of things to say about China, but I wish the best for those who died.

Do apartments burn that much?

“I’m amazed that you have the guts to eat food in such a shura….

It’s a site with a lot of dead bodies.”

I’ve never heard of requiring a permit for arc welding in “China.”

It’s a new law enacted after the fire.

“Bamboo scaffolding is awesome.
I bet you could build a skyscraper with just bamboo.”

Isn’t that right in the middle of Shanghai?

Arc light ignited the cardboard and eight-foot Styrofoam acetate on the building’s exterior.

“A building welded by amateurs …
“Amateur welders welded that building together…”

Firefighters are in trouble. Be careful.

“Why do something stupid and lose a lot of money?
If you’re a money man, why don’t you stop doing things that cost you money?

“You’ve got a sinking fire and little by little you’re finding dead people and the death toll is going up.
Don’t you realize how many people were living in the house at the maximum? Something’s wrong.
Did the residency records burn up too? Residence records at the government office, not in China?”

Hmm! Residents while it’s under construction?

“The problem is that Shanghai has thousands of buildings just like this one.
If China’s high-rise buildings are this vulnerable to fire, it’s a terrible thing.
This is not limited to Shanghai. Other cities in China are at the same risk.”

“It’s not so much the way the welding is done, but the fact that a reinforced concrete skyscraper can burn like a piece of cardboard.
I think the more serious problem is that a reinforced concrete skyscraper burns like a piece of cardboard.”

“This is an unusual way to burn. If they had used noncombustible materials, the whole building wouldn’t have burned like a torch.
If they had used noncombustible materials, the whole building wouldn’t have burned like a torch. The welding crew seems to be responsible for this.
If someone had mismanaged a cigarette fire on the lower floors, it could have happened anywhere and at any time.
It would not be surprising if it happened again anytime and anywhere. It is frightening that there are thousands of buildings in Shanghai alone that are in the same condition as this one.”

“I know it’s not a fireproof building by any stretch of the imagination.
Still, I guess it’s not an illegal building…
Even if they suddenly change the law because of this fire…
There’s no way they can suddenly make an existing building fireproof…”

“I saw a picture on another thread of a fire that was spreading through the entire floor and spewing pillars of fire out of the windows.
In that situation, if you are trapped, where is it possible to be rescued = alive?
What is it?
I’d love to know for future study.”

That building was built in 4 days or so, right?

“What kind of construction is it to almost burn down a high-rise apartment building in a fire?
Don’t they have sprinklers or fire extinguishers installed?”

“A welder without a permit started the fire, and a welder without a permit started the fire.
I think inadequate fire extinguishing equipment is a different issue.”

“Japan also went down the same road with the Hotel New Japan.
The punishment of those involved will determine the future.”

A building that burns so spectacularly with just a little welding would be more problematic…

“In the link in the related thread, there was a picture of a helicopter hanging a human being.
I heard that it was a picture of a rescue team trying to get off the helicopter and failing.
I heard that such a rescue method is almost never successful due to the rising turbulence from the fire and the building winds, as well as the surrounding high-rise buildings.
I heard that such a rescue method almost never works.”

“Well, there was the Broadcast Center Building that was burned down entirely by fireworks.
I wonder if concrete burns in China.”

“Firefighting in China is a subordinate organization of the armed police.
The uniforms of the firefighters are the same as those of the armed police, and they are part of the security organization.
Therefore, any information that is inconvenient will not be released.
When I was stationed in Shanghai, there was a fire that wasn’t as big as this one, but it was the top of a high-rise building that was on fire.
But it didn’t even make the news that day.
It would have been great if there were no fatalities, but in Japan, it would have made the news even if there were no fatalities.
It was a fire of that magnitude, but the information control is perfect.”

“Where do high-rise apartments evacuate to in the event of a fire?
There would be no duct chute-like evacuation route.”

The news said the fire spread to the insulation, but does insulation burn?

I heard it’s styrofoam, insulation.

The pictures show an exposed skeleton that looks like it’s in the process of being built, but is this what it looks like?

“It depends on the type.
Insulation materials range from chemical resins to wool.”

So that means if the top floor catches fire, the fire will flow down…

“We’ve had fires in Korea where the Styrofoam exterior walls burned.
Or built by a Korean construction company.”

“There are also inorganic materials like glass wool.
There are also inorganic materials such as glass wool, which is sprayed onto the steel frame and for a certain period of time the heat from the fire will insulate and coat the steel frame of the building’s structural material.
The heat-resistant tiles on the space shuttle, for example, are used to insulate the building’s structural steel frame from the heat of a fire.
The space shuttle’s heat-resistant tiles, for example, are asbestos.”

“Firefighters have to search for survivors and put out any remaining fires after the fire is extinguished.
It’s only natural that they eat when they can.
The search for survivors is not limited to apartment dwellers, but also includes visitors.
We don’t know how many guests were there, so it can’t be helped that the number of dead and rescued people will increase.
The question is how far the investigation into the cause of the fire and the application of fire prevention measures can go.
With buildings of this size in this condition, most buildings in Shanghai are in danger.”

My condolences to those who lost their lives.

“The toxic gases look amazing, so how can there be any survivors now….
I always worried about those randomly installed air conditioners.
I guess it just got caught on the scaffolding and didn’t fall down.”

“Three years ago I took a trip to Shanghai.
I drove the bus on the highway at night a lot, and even after dark I could see that they were working on a building.
Because sparks were pouring down from the upper floors of the buildings under construction.
Sparks coming down from the building in the dark.
It was so beautiful w
Of course, I wondered how they didn’t catch fire.
I remember it well because it was an impossible scene according to Japanese common sense.”

“The foreign media used to cover Japanese earthquake evacuation drills, and it was a scathing article.
I remember it well. It’s not a drill at all, it’s just a ceremony.” That’s what they said.”

“They’re going to have building management personnel on each floor to guide the evacuation.
There is no way they would be able to dispatch personnel to all 49 floors in the event of an actual disaster.
I’m not saying it wouldn’t be effective.
It’s like going along with a building management drill.”

Why does four and a half hours of firefighting work include time to eat?

“The training is not for those who are guided to evacuate.
The training is not for those who will be guided to evacuate, but for those who will rescue and extinguish fires, to confirm that things will go according to the “assumption”.
If things do not go as expected, changes will be made to the evacuation plan, disaster prevention plan, or rescue policy.
by firefighters.”

I thought they normally used asbestos for insulation, but I didn’t realize it was styrofoam.

“Is the apartment building to the left undergoing the same construction?
It’s the next turn to burn.
But what’s with the additional insulation work on a building that hasn’t been built long?
It’s an economic bubble, after all.”

“<Shanghai apartment fire> “Tachibana-san of Tokyo” who died while embracing her husband and wife.
<Shanghai apartment fire: cause of fire announced as “sloppy management” that could have been avoided.

It’s a good thing they were arrested.
In China, you can get away with bribes.

Shanghai Jing’an apartment fire, 4 more suspects arrested.

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