Outrage over the Unification Church’s “Laughing Face Conference”! Unannounced visit to the home of Mr. Hashida, whose eldest son burned himself to death, “We live in a kind of warehouse.

“On the 17th, Prime Minister Fumio Kishida ordered an investigation into the “former Unification Church,” which has been causing a stir in the public every day, by exercising the right to ask questions under the Religious Organization Law. In response to this situation, the “former Unification Church” is holding its sixth press conference.

Appearing at the press conference was Hideyuki Teshigawara, head of the Church Reform Promotion Division. Mr. Teshigahara began his remarks by saying, “When this right to ask questions actually comes to us from the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science, and Technology or the Agency for Cultural Affairs, we will respond in good faith,” and “I would like to sincerely apologize to everyone who is claiming damage and to all government officials.

The disturbing atmosphere in “Miyaneya” came when the topic of Tatsuo Hashida, a man whose ex-wife was a member of the “former Unification Church” and whose eldest son died by suicide, came up. Mr. Teshigahara thought that he should hear Mr. Hashida’s story, as he had been told by reporters at the previous press conference, and contacted him, asking for a “one-on-one meeting.

Despite Ms. Hashida’s refusal over the phone, Mr. Teshigahara visited her home without an appointment. With a wry smile on his face, he gave details about the situation at the time, saying, “I live in a kind of warehouse,” and “When I visited, the atmosphere was very angry.

The thinly veiled smile caused viewers to explode in anger!

He also said that he had heard from Mr. Hashida’s ex-wife, and her name and face were revealed at the press conference, and an interview-style VTR was aired.

In this situation, “Miyaneya” suspended the broadcast of the press conference, judging that it involved personal information. During the press conference, Mr. Aito Suzuki and lawyer Masaki Kito, who appeared in the studio, repeatedly raised “Objection! on a series of flip charts during the press conference.

The conference angered the viewers, who were quick to comment on social networking sites.

The social networking sites were filled with anger.
What kind of press conference is this? What kind of press conference is this?
I don’t know, the more the old Unification Church gives a press conference, the worse it gets. Isn’t it counterproductive?
《He lives in a warehouse…. What a guy! Who let him live like that in the first place?
I can’t help but feel angry at the way he says so matter-of-factly, “He lives in a place that looks like a warehouse.”
Mr. Teshigawara, laughing his ass off as he talks about Mr. Hashida, whose family died an untimely death. I seriously can’t believe it.

and other comments.

Other reports at the press conference included an interim report on the reform of the denomination, including a switch to second-generation pastors for one-third of the head ministers and the formation of an international legal team to serve as advisors from a third-party perspective.

While the overheated media coverage of the “Old Unification Church” has been mixed, many people feel that the press conference was dishonest.


Why didn’t they record this guy on camera when he came to my house?

“But the thin smile pisses me off.
The people in Ikuno ward are no better than this guy.”

If you donate a lot of money, you don’t have any money to spend on yourself.

“That’s why I told you to record it.
You can talk all you want, but it’s still weak.”

This is the kind of smirk that people who can’t afford to be smug tend to give when they’re trying to play hard to get.

I won’t care if a fire breaks out in the Unification Church building.

I wonder who turned the house into a warehouse.

Aside from Mr. Hashida, who came out of the blue, the Unification Church must be recording this.

“There are a lot of people in the Unification Church whose personalities are even worse than their principles.
Why is that?”

“Because they have a different standard of justice.
For them, the country is their cult and the law is their doctrine.
They have no reason to care about the laws of Japan.”

When’s the next emergency press conference?

You’re the ones who wrecked the place and made them live in a warehouse-like place.

“It’s too much of a horror story that they call out to us just because the door is open.
You’re trespassing when you enter the property without permission.”

“A dissolution order is inevitable.
Unless that is done, the LDP government will end.”

“The Unification Church is happily playing the villain.
I wonder who’s directing them.

“He’s probably going to get stabbed one of these days.
I wonder if he doesn’t have a sense of crisis even though the situation is bad.

“There are a lot of old people who watch the daytime news shows.
But if they go to the voting booth, they’ll vote for the Liberal Democratic Party.
The people who complain on social networking sites during the daytime don’t have any influence, so they don’t care.”

“If they visit you after you’ve refused to meet with them, then you can charge them with breaking and entering if the conditions are met.
Let’s clearly state our refusal to visit in writing in advance.”

You’re really stirring things up, aren’t you?”

I think the Unification Church is using Teshigahara’s press conference to buy time.

If they don’t freeze the Unification Church’s assets, they won’t be able to get any money at all.

“If who take 100 million in money, that’s a lot of money.
The Unification Church is really crazy.”

“The executives live in a nice place and have a good life.
No matter what they say, they won’t be able to convince us.

“I thought Hashida-san refused to meet with them beforehand.
If that’s the case, it would be more of a surprise than just an unannounced meeting.

“He’s a psychopath, isn’t he?
I thought he was going to apologize, but he’s just stirring things up.

“He’s probably the most educated person in this group.
He’s too stupid.
I think he’s going to be miserable in the end.”

“Of course, the government is on his side, so that’s why he’s acting like that.
What the LDP is doing to the Unification Church right now is also a form of professional wrestling.”

“I think religion, whether it’s God or Buddha, is something that the believers themselves should face, but there are a certain number of people who are into religion who are this type of person.
They want to create a hierarchical relationship within the religion.”

“Even if they usually refuse to solicit you.
Even if they usually refuse to be solicited, they’ll probably just say, “Here I am!” and push their guns at you.”

“Well, I guess the only way to get back at the media for insulting him this time is to use a forum like this as a way to vent his frustration.
There doesn’t seem to be anything left to do.
Religion is meaningless if it only produces people like this.
In the opposite sense, it may be contributing to the public’s awareness that they should not be involved with such a group.”

I should have called the police.

“All because of exorbitant donations.
And yet the experts, the LDP, and the netizens are still against capping donations.
They just make a fuss over a breakup that means nothing.”

“From now on, anyone in the same situation as Mr. Hashida has to record it.
The reason he came out of nowhere was to exploit an opening.
I hope the lawyers will make sure everyone knows that.”

“You said at the press conference that you live in a warehouse-like place.
What an idiot, this guy.
I thought he said that when he visited Mr. Hashida’s place without an avoider, he was trying to make him angry so that he would get violent with him.
So Teshigahara is planning to destroy the church, huh?”

“He’s in quite a hurry.
Laughing and fooling around.
The press conference in a state of delirium.”

“Take this opportunity to disband them properly.
Kishida, do your job.
It’s almost over.

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