[U.S.] Sister and Brother Die in Attack by Two Best Friend’s Pit Bulls, Mom Seriously Injured, “Attack Lasted Unimaginably Long”

“Dogs that fatally mauled Tennessee toddlers, injured mom was never violent, friend says

2022.10.10 10:00

Another pit bull fatality has occurred in a quiet residential neighborhood in the United States. A young sister and brother were attacked by two dogs that had been with them since birth and had never bared their fangs. Fox News” and other news outlets reported the incident.

Lilly Jane (2) and Hollace Dean (5 months old) were at home with their mother, Kirstie Jane Bennard (30), when they were attacked by two dogs at about 3:30 p.m. on May 5 in a house in Shelby County, Tennessee, USA. (5 months old) were attacked by two of their dogs.

The two dogs, Mia and Cheech, are pit bulls that the family has owned for the past eight years. They had never been aggressive. However, the attack was persistent, and the siblings were later pronounced dead at the scene by responding police officers.

Kirsty, who tried to separate the two animals from her children, was seriously bitten and taken to the hospital. She was reported to be in critical condition for a time, but her condition is now stable.”

Worst of all, that’s scary.

Hamsters are the best. 

“Seriously, hounds have been bred by humans to go into killing mode when the switch is turned on.
It’s the people who ignore those characteristics that are to blame.”

“That’s because you needed hounds to hunt.
It’s the fault of people who keep hounds as pet dogs when they are not needed.”

The child’s father is going to have a hard time living with this.

Who suggested they get this dog?

“It’s where the dog’s emotional switch is.
What kind of switch can’t be controlled?”

When you have a kid and you have a pit bull, it’s murder.

“We’re not going to get rid of these idiot parents anytime soon.
I think we need to have a license to own a pit bull.”

There are a lot of smart elite Americans, but the stupid ones are really stupid.

“They’ve been with us since birth, let’s say.
You have a two-year-old toddler and a five-month-old baby.”

“Why do you have two pit bulls?
That’s a dog that will fight you to death if you don’t keep one.”

Japan should ban them in the country. I see a lot of stupid rappers and stuff walking around with them.

So they should make them small dogs.

“Pit bulls are fighting dogs.
They’re far worse than hounds.
They’re not dogs for families with children.”

It’s stupid to keep them when they’re a problem, it’s not the dog’s fault, it’s the parents’ fault.

“I don’t know why Americans like to have pit bulls.
From the protection videos I’ve seen, there seems to be an awful lot of abandoned pits.”

Why did you get the kill switch? They even attack their owners.

“Isn’t this a new way to get insurance money for sure?
Families who own pit bulls should no longer be insured.”

Like releasing a hound dog into a room with a 2 year old and a 5 month old is a good murder charge.

“Amateur dog lovers who want to keep difficult dogs.
In Japan, it’s like an owner who gets bitten by a Corgi, Chihuahua, or Shiba Inu.”

“They probably kept the dog while saying, ‘My dog won’t do that.’
It’s the parents’ fault.”

“How many times have you done that?
Even a normal Shiba or Husky can turn wild for a moment and lash out.”

“Pits are that kind of dog.
The reason for this is that they were created to be easy to turn on and to fight at any cost.
They’re not an easy dog to handle because they’re very muscular and they’re extremely sensitive to pain.
They’re the most dangerous dog breed in America.

“How can a dog be so stupid as to attack its owner?
How can you have a dog like that?”

But they can’t stand up to a giant wolf.

That’s why people used to say, “Damn dogs.

“A dog, no matter how small.
With a strong jaw and sharp teeth.
Not that it’s come to light.
But there are a significant number of dog bites each year.”

I’m still scared of pit bulls.

A fierce dog that has been artificially and repeatedly selectively bred to be your best friend?

“There are idiots on YouTube who upload videos of human babies and dogs playing with each other.
They give them stupid titles like “Family Friendly” or something like that.
And the idiots who watch it comment on how cute and comforting it is.
You know, you never know when a dog is going to bite a baby to death.
They don’t recognize that dogs are animals, not family.”

“I cringe when I see those kinds of videos too.
There was an incident a few years ago where a normally quiet golden retriever bit a baby and then the baby died.
And yet, the parent who keeps the baby and the dog close to each other and raises them together.
The people who commented on the video are both incapable of managing the situation.”

Dogs respect the pecking order in a pack. If the dog is first and then the baby joins the family, be careful. As a dog, the baby is lower in the pecking order. If you love the baby, the dog’s jealousy will lead to an attack on the baby.

It’s insane to keep a breed that used to be a fighting dog as a domesticated dog.

“How can you have a dog when you have small children?
Especially a pit bull, a breed that is prone to accidents.”

“Pit bulls are said to be docile as long as the owner, whom they consider the boss, is home.
But when the owner leaves the house due to divorce, moving out, bereavement, etc., they turn on their fangs.
When the boss is gone, pit bulls go into a fighting mode to get the next boss.
During this time, they will not tolerate anyone who opposes them because they are their rivals.

That’s why pit bulls have no choice but to be taken to a public health center when the boss is gone.
This is usually the case when a wife takes over a pit bull because her husband took care of it while he was alive and killed it.

Pit bulls are ferocious beasts, like bears and chimpanzees, and should be kept in cages.

If a baby were to touch or hit a dog in a place it didn’t want to be, after having been so peaceful until just now, it would be out in an instant.

“Rabies vaccination is mandatory, right?
At the same time, I wonder if we could sharpen their teeth to prevent this kind of accident.
I’ve been thinking for a long time that we need to get creative, even if it’s just a mask.”

“Look at the pit bull’s face.
It’s obvious they’re not in their right mind.
I don’t know why anyone would keep a dog like that if they think it’s cute or something.”

“Doggies get jealous, too.
I bet he thought his mommy and daddy were stolen by a baby.”

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