Indian “Purified” River Water: State Chief Minister Sent to Hospital after Drinking

“A state chief minister was rushed to the hospital after falling ill after drinking water from a river in India that is being purified.

 The prime minister of Punjab, a state in northern India, drank a glass of water directly from a river during a visit to the river on April 17 to commemorate the 22nd anniversary of a local river purification project.

 However, according to local media, a few days later the chief minister fell ill and was rushed to the hospital.

 The official said that drinking the river water led to his poor health.

 In India, domestic wastewater is flowing into many rivers without adequate treatment, and water pollution has become a problem.


It’s hard when you can’t drink the water.

Indians who have been living in Japan for a long time also get a stomach ache when they return to their country

I heard that Indians who just came to Japan also get sick to their stomachs.

The government officials who made the commercials saying the water from the nuclear plants in Japan is safe should drink it.

“There is a difference between purification and water treatment.
Purified water is unclean and should not be drunk.”

That’s about as stupid as drinking water that comes out of a septic tank.

Someone get him some milk porridge!

“It’s a holy river, so it’s safe to flush feces and corpses, clean, clean, clean.
What do the locals really think?”

It’s amazing how sick he got immediately.

I watched the video and I’m wondering if the Indian who drank the water is ok?

This is the kind of thing that can cause brain worms.

Well, Indian rivers are unclean.

“Sorry about the governor of the state.
I laughed out loud at work.”

Even if the river is purified, it’s not safe to drink the water directly from it!

That’s not what purification means.

The Ganges would have been safe.

“I’ll have to ask Sheila Rapana.
(This is the heroine in the Japanese anime “Saint Dunbine.”)”

Someone was playing a city-building game where they had the citizens drink the sewage and purify it to a level where fish could live.

“Even in Japan, raw river water is too dangerous to drink.
How dare they do that in India?”

Even in Japan, if you drink water from some rivers, you’ll get sick.

“In India, all the restaurants are extremely dirty.
They wipe up the dirty plates used by the previous customer with a rag from the floor before serving the food.
They sort usable ingredients from food scraps and divert them. Seasonings are also rotten.
The only decent ingredient is curry powder.”

I’ve never had a stomach ache in India.
It’s hygienic enough.
The water is mineral water.

I thought the water would at least look cooler, but it’s green river water.
It’s still cleaner than before, right?

“I heard that even Indians get sick if they suddenly drink tap water from Japan.
I guess their stomachs must have been surprised to see how clean it is.”

“Even in Nausicaa, the purified air was poisonous.
(He is talking about Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind, a Japanese animated)”

“Tap water is no good, so is ice made from tap water.
If you’re offered a glass of juice with ice, don’t drink it.
Beverages, both water and juice, must only be consumed in bottles or PET containers.”

I mean, you’re not supposed to drink raw water, even from a clear stream…
You don’t know what viruses and bacteria are in it unless it’s heated.

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