Germany “Fears Power Outage” with Use of Electric Heaters, Sales Increase Due to Gas Shortage

“Electric fan heaters are being installed in German households amid growing fears that Russian natural gas will be disrupted. At the same time, however, poor energy efficiency is being pointed out, and electric utilities and others are warning that this will lead to higher electricity bills and increased load on the power grid, and may even lead to blackouts.

In an article in the German economic newspaper Handelsblatt dated November 11, Andräe, director general of the Federation of German Energy and Water Utilities (BDEW), warned that electric heaters must be used sparingly. He pointed out that electric heaters must be used sparingly or the electricity bill will skyrocket. On cold winter nights, when many households turn on their heaters at the same time, it places a heavy burden on the power grid,” he said.

In an interview with the German newspaper Tagespiegel on March 10, Federal Network Agency Director General Müller also indicated that local power outages could occur during peak usage of electric heaters.

He added that electric heaters would be more expensive than gas-based central heating.

According to market research group GfK, 600,000 electric heaters were sold in Germany in the first half of this year. This was an increase of about 35% compared to the same period last year.”

Oh, they’re using oil heaters, aren’t they?

Use a kotatsu.
(Every Japanese citizen knows about this heating system.)

Send them a kotatsu to Germany.

They should use heat tecs here.

“Buy an air conditioner.
The ones for cold climates.
They use much less electricity than electric heating wires.”

Build a fireplace.

Electric heaters would be better than electric blankets or electric carpets.

The decline of Germany and Europe and the rest of the world has been clearly exposed in the last decade.

“It’s already September and you won’t make it in time. Japan is going to sell its debt to Europe by restarting nuclear power plants and turning the gas over to Europe, and then when
They’re going to get a boost from Europe when China invades Taiwan. The European Union will admit defeat in the renewable energy war, and by December, they’ll be burning wood stoves They’ll be dripping carbon dioxide.”

What a great opportunity to sell all those Japanese air conditioners. I wonder if the shortage of semiconductors will cripple them.

After all, global warming is just another big lie to make money to reduce the population!

“Germany has a cold climate.
Even in Hokkaido, which has the same cold climate, there is almost no demand for air conditioners as heating devices.
To begin with, the heat exchange system of air conditioners loses efficiency when the outside air temperature falls below 0 degrees Celsius.
In addition, Japanese white goods did not sell at all in Europe and the United States even during the golden age of the 1980s.
Basically, Japanese white goods were made to suit the lifestyle of Japanese people living in extremely small houses.
They do not sell in the West, where lifestyles are different.”

Go ahead and generate electricity by disguising your family’s emissions.

“Electric heaters are poor people’s heaters.
It’s a sign of where Europe is headed.”

“High-performance cold-weather air conditioners can go down to minus 30 degrees Celsius or something.
Otherwise, they wouldn’t sell air conditioners in Hokkaido.

I prefer electric blankets.

“The cold-weather version is a stupid design that heats the outdoor unit with an electric heating wire.
Look at the amperage of the breaker you’re going to install.
It’s a lot more amperage because you need more electricity to heat the unit.”

But they still use it because it’s more efficient than electric heating wire.

“So it depends on the outside temperature.
If the house is airtight and well insulated, but if it’s a big house, the outdoor unit is going to be working as hard as it can to defrost the air all the time.”

So if you have a scruffy house, electric heaters are more efficient?

“That’s right.
If you’re going to heat the outdoor unit forever with electric heating wire in an air conditioner. 
I’d rather use electric heating wire indoors from the start.”

“It’s going to freeze over in Germany.
I hope it’s a mild winter this year.

“It’s usually less than 3 degrees Celsius, and the heating efficiency drops dramatically.
You have to use something that has a negative efficiency…”

If we hang the people who made them stop the plant and don’t let them use electricity or gas, we can avoid blackouts, right?

“We’ll just have to take off our shoes and install kotatsu.
It’s the least expensive way to save money, after all.

“Why don’t you do something with clean energy, your specialty?
You’ve been beating up on Japan for so long, you’re not going to use thermal power, are you?”

How can you shift to EVs with this kind of thing?

Why don’t we just emit more CO2 and use the warming effect to keep warm?

Merkel needs to put out a photo album and apologize.

Don’t they have kerosene heaters in Europe?

Local heating with electric blankets or electric vests is sufficient and very energy efficient

“If a home nuclear power generator were put to practical use, we could use it as a heat source and power source.
I wonder if German science can do something about it.
Mitsubishi has succeeded in making it small enough to put on a truck.”

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