WHO Declares Emergency on Monkeypox, Highest Degree of Warning Since Corona in 20 Years

“The World Health Organization (WHO) declared a “public health emergency of international concern” for monkeypox on January 23.
The declaration of an emergency, the highest degree of warning by WHO, is the first since the declaration on January 30, 2020, for a new coronavirus infection.
In the U.S., 2,891 cases of monkeypox, including children, had been confirmed by the 22nd.
U.S. administration considers declaring a “state of emergency” for monkeypox.


(The declaration seems to have been issued at the sole discretion of Mr. Tedros, even though there were 6 people against the declaration and 3 in favor of it)

They say people who have had the smallpox vaccination are fine.

“But that’s above the age of 45, apparently.
Because they stopped after being declared eradicated.”

It’ll lose its effectiveness about 10 years after inoculation, though.

“I’m going to have to continue living under a mask.
I’m sick of it.”

“This is my fourth corona vaccine.
I’ve been vaccinated.
I’m ready to say goodbye to the mask.
Now I’m going to get monkey pox.

“What does the mask have to do with it?
I mean, isn’t there pus or other bodily fluids that come in contact with it?”

This is worse than corona.

We’re in a new era of war and quarantine.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) announced on April 22 that two children have been infected with monkeypox, a viral infection of zoonotic origin.

This is much worse than corona.

“The corona vaccine is destroying your autoimmunity, so your immunity to smallpox is gone, too.
Don’t you dare!
I’m just going to have to live with this vaccine-soaked mess.”

I’m afraid of that because my skin, including my face, is falling apart and won’t heal.

Like smallpox?

“One thing to keep an eye on is the polio outbreak in the U.S.
There was a confirmed polio outbreak in the Philippines about two years ago.
Male-to-female, male-to-male, female-to-female, or multiple, the infectivity of monkeypox is the same.”

“Basically, contact transmission.
There have been cases of transmission in swimming pools, hot springs, and between family members.
The infectivity of monkeypox itself doesn’t change between anyone.
whether or not you can have sex with more than one person, and the number of times. ”

“It is said that 1%~10%.
Deaths in the West are rare.
It is also said that the current epidemic is monkeypox, which has a low mortality rate.”

“There have been no cases of infection in Japan yet. 
The first to be discovered in Japan are 
The first cases are from foreigners who came to Japan, U.S. troops in Japan, and people who returned to Japan from abroad.
Unless the country is closed off from the rest of the world, it will probably enter Japan sooner or later.
It is like a corona with low transmission.
The so-called sexually transmitted diseases such as syphilis.
However, they are highly contagious for STDs.”

“Severe cases in children and pregnant women are high.
Without weakening by smallpox vaccine, it could be scary.”

The symptoms seem to be very severe because 10% of patients are hospitalized in the West.

“The corona vaccine has destroyed the autoimmune function and made it specialized to deal with corona.
You get infections that you wouldn’t normally get.
It’s just drug damage.”

“If immunity is down.
“If the immunity is down, then the human body has to deal with its own indigenous bacteria.
Streptococcus, Streptococcus pneumoniae. 
If immunity is going down, then we have to have an increase in our own indigenous bacteria such as Streptococcus, Streptococcus pneumoniae, and pneumonia caused by aspiration.

“You know, it’s increasing.
You know, summer colds are being ruled coronas, too. Right now.
The resistance of the common cold to indigenous bacteria is declining.
That’s why they’re making summer colds coronary to hide it.
I’ve got the data on that, too.”

“There have been cases of infection in public bathhouses, swimming pools, etc., so it’s difficult to detect unless the entire population is infected.
It is impossible to prevent it without national seclusion.
Even if we closed the country off, it would be impossible because of the presence of U.S. troops in Japan.”

“The total number of cases is less than before corona. 
If you look closely at some of the diseases, they appear to be on the rise.
In Japan, the National Institute of Infectious Diseases publishes 40 or 50 infectious diseases every week.

“The infection is spreading in Okinawa.
I think it’s because travelers are bringing germs with them, and it’s an even denser, indigenous environment.
Even in Tokyo, there’s been an explosion of familial infections.
The main source of infection is family members.
You might want to consider the endemic environment of Okinawa as well.
Also, there is no causal relationship between Okinawa and the reason for the explosive increase in infection in Tokyo, which has a high vaccination rate.
It proves that vaccines are meaningless.”

Don’t get infected right off the seat on public transportation in central Tokyo.

“It’s coming in.
First confirmed cases of “monkeypox” in Japan in Tokyo.
(Comment on July 25, 2022)”

Something’s debuting one after another from overseas, but shouldn’t we restrict their behavior or isolate them?

“[Omicron strain] “Triple the infectivity” new variant of “Centaur” confirmed for the first time in Japan, possibly making the infected peak mountain bigger.
Monday, July 25, 2022, 6:30 p.m.

BA.2.75, a new mutant strain of the Omicron strain known as “Centaurus,” was confirmed for the first time in Japan in July. Its infectivity is said to be “three times that of the previous Omicron strain.
What exactly is this new variant?

Centaurus,” a subspecies of Omicron strain, confirmed for the first time in Japan

Centaurus” is the 75th subspecies mutated from the “BA.2” strain.
There have been variants of the “BA.2” strain in the past, but they were born and disappeared.
Among them, “BA.2.75” has survived and is now spreading.
It is also called “Centaurus” on SNS and among doctors.
Also, according to Professor Hiroyuki Moriuchi of Nagasaki University Hospital, it is described as a “half-human, half-animal centaur” because it is so different compared to past mutant strains.

“Japanese people should be fine.
I don’t know about foreigners.”

In Australia, corona infections and deaths are at record levels, and the mutant strain is raging.

The state of the world could be closed off, but they can’t. If they were 100 percent self-sufficient, they would be able to do it.

“Are you susceptible to infection even if you live a normal life?
Isn’t the highest warning too severe?”

The increase has been getting bigger lately, 2,000 more in one day.

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