Daughter of Aide Called Putin’s “Brain” Bombed, Car Explodes on Her Way Home, Possible Terrorist Attack

“Daria, 29, the daughter of far-right geopolitician Alexander Dugin, 60, who is also known as “Putin’s brain” and is said to have greatly influenced Russian President Vladimir Putin’s view of global strategy as he continues his aggression against Ukraine, was killed by a car bomb in a Moscow suburb on the evening of August 20, Russian Russian media reported that Dugin’s daughter Daria, 29, was killed by a car bomb in a Moscow suburb on the night of August 20, raising the possibility of terrorism.

According to the Daily Beast, a U.S. online media outlet, Russian news organizations posted a video on the SNS Telegram of a car that exploded and caught fire, reporting that Dugin’s daughter was killed instantly in the explosion. The video also shows a person who appears to be Mr. Dugin distraught, holding his head in his hands in front of the wreckage of the car, which is engulfed in flames. No official announcement has been made by the authorities regarding the explosion, and the identity of the driver has not been released at this time.

According to information provided by Russian intelligence, Mr. Dugin and Ms. Dahlia were on their way home from a literary and musical festival. It is also reported that Mr. Dugin was supposed to be in the same car with Ms. Dahlia, but at the last minute decided to get into another car, and it has been pointed out that this may have been a terrorist attack aimed at Mr. Dugin, who is said to have been behind the invasion of Ukraine. The explosion reportedly occurred 10 minutes after Mr. Daria began driving.

Denis Pushilin, a pro-Russian leader in Ukraine’s eastern Donetsk region, has accused terrorists from the Ukrainian regime of attempting to assassinate Mr. Dugin and causing his daughter to die in the blast. Many pro-Russian social networking sites have reportedly been flooded with posts blaming Ukraine for the explosion and calling for “revenge” the Russian people.

Dahlia, who supported the invasion of Ukraine, said she was pursuing a career as a philosopher, political scientist, and political commentator, following in her father’s footsteps, and both father and daughter were targeted by U.S. sanctions.

This is a pretty big case, isn’t it?

“I guess we’ll never know which force planted the bomb.
I guess we’ll never know who set off the bombs.”

“This reminds me of the Chechnya attacks.
The FSB agent who exposed the bomb was poisoned and scattered.

“If the attack is in a Russian suburb, it could be carried out by local Russian anti-war groups.
Maybe this wave of Russian anti-war groups will be followed by a wave of Russian anti-war terrorist attacks.
Maybe Russia will destroy itself.”

Abe’s assassination is also being reported abroad as a Russian-related event.

Geopoliticians are scholars?

It’s not a Putin ploy to make a show of his daughter because Blaine’s hand is so lukewarm.

“Another far-right bigwig was arrested a week ago.
I’m just saying, maybe they’re already smoking out this kind of far-right guy who’s more radical than the government.”

“I don’t know what kind of guy he is.
I don’t know what kind of guy he was, but it’s sad that his daughter died in front of his eyes.”

“Even if the war ends with some kind of compromise.
I don’t think that even if the war ends with some kind of compromise, we’ll still be a blood-soaked, tehsil-frequent nation.”

“The way they are doing it is like the FSB, but I don’t know.
I don’t think Russia can even conduct a proper investigation right now.”

“Even former Prime Minister Abe could be assassinated so easily.
There must be a lot of people who are targeting Putin’s group.

“It’s a Russian threat to geopoliticians.
It’s funny how they split up the cars right before.”

“Assuming that it was originally an assassination of Aleksandr, was it a Ukrainian or Western attempt to do damage against Putin?
Ukraine or the West, aiming to damage him.
It probably looks counterproductive for Mr. Putin, though.”

“I hear there are a lot of oligarchs and mafia who have lost their heads due to economic sanctions.
It’s probably an anti-Puchinist threat to kill his daughter if he doesn’t stop the war and make peace with the West.
Russia is already a country where the Yamaguchigumi is directly involved in politics.”

“A car bomb is impossible for an amateur to make or install.
It is definitely the work of a professional or former professional.”

“At first, Nicholas II was the one who ordered the war.
But it got so messy that his soldiers deserted, his aides were assassinated, and his family was driven into the basement.
And finally, his whole family was driven into the basement.
It’s going to be the same transition as the Russian Revolution.”

The Romanov dynasty ended tragically.

It’s an internal conflict.
I don’t think the Ukrainians would have gone through all this trouble.”

“Oh, my God! No one in Japan knows about this.
Daria, the 29-year-old actress who died in the bom, is so famous and beautiful in Russia that she’s called a ‘Russian national treasure’…”

“When you’re angry, you can’t make calm decisions.
That’s where the gap arises. That’s what I’m saying.
The father was the target of the assassination. It’s just that the daughter used the car first.”

“If the perpetrator is still unknown.
If the perpetrator remains unknown, Putin will be the main culprit.”

I have a feeling that Moscow will become a place where terrorism is frequent.

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