Putin Deepens Isolation, Few Phone Conversations After Partial Annexation of Ukraine, G7 Sanctions, China and India Distance

“Current Affairs Oct 06, 07:12 PM

 Russian President Vladimir Putin is becoming increasingly isolated from the international community. The only three leaders who had telephoned each other by the 5th were the King of Bahrain from the Middle East, the interim president of Mali from West Africa, and the president of Tajikistan, a former Soviet republic. With the seven industrialized nations (G7) declaring the annexation a “violation of international law” and moving to impose additional sanctions, and friendly nations China and India distancing themselves from the Ukraine issue, appealing to the Russian people for “victory” may have become a central concern.

 The mobilization order has triggered anti-war demonstrations and draft evasion in the country, and the all-important Russian military has been forced to withdraw one after another from Kharkiv Oblast in northeastern Ukraine and Donetsk Oblast in the eastern part of the country. In order to prevent criticism of Vladimir Putin himself, it is an urgent task for him to take measures to counter public opinion.

 On the day of the September 30 annexation declaration, the first person to call was King Hamad of Bahrain. This was after Mr. Putin had excitedly called out “Russia” repeatedly at the signing ceremony. According to an announcement from the presidential office, he informed the king that “the annexation treaty was signed today. He then put the blame for the failure to reach a ceasefire on his neighbor, stating, “Russia is ready to resume the negotiation process if there is interest on the part of Ukraine.”

 Bahrain intends to cooperate with the Sino-Russian-led Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO), and Putin is believed to want to maintain close ties.

 The next caller on the 4th was interim President Goïta, who came to power in Mali after two coups. The military government is approaching the Putin administration because of deteriorating relations with former sovereign France, and the Russian private military company Wagner is also believed to be active in Mali.

 The two leaders “reaffirmed the position of both sides to further strengthen security cooperation in order to eradicate terrorist organizations. Putin urged them to participate in the Russia-Africa Summit to be held next summer.

 Normally, the person with whom he would have to talk the most is the Ukrainian leader. However, following the ratification of the annexation treaty on April 4, President Zelensky signed a presidential decree in response, rejecting the idea that “dialogue with Mr. Putin is impossible. A cease-fire remains elusive.

 Mr. Putin called Tajik President Rakhmon, who celebrated his 70th birthday on May 5, to congratulate him.”

Just like a student who, once hacked off, is never allowed in the circle again.

“Why don’t the soldiers rebel?
They’re waiting for weapons.
They can easily turn on govement.”

What about Chief of Staff Gerasimov?

“Russia’s ephemeralism is due to the lack of a future.
“they can’t go along with the Russia, which has no future, and China and India, which are growing to be the best in the world.

Even if we share the same anti-American sentiment, there’s a definite difference here.”

I can only see a future where they’re cornered and use nukes.

Why are China and India trying to betray us?

“China is allied with Ukraine.
If the locals vote and recognize the established fact that they have created an independent country, Taiwan will be lost.”

I’m sure the prime minister of India is like, “You’re ignoring my advice.

Even China is annoyed.

“The support for Putin by leftists and Russian accounts disguised as Japanese is amazing.
The usual leftist “you can’t win elections but your hashtag count is huge.””

“You’ve been saying that since the war started.
Putin is totally fine with it, though, and he’s continuing the war.”

If you’re going to allow a unilateral referendum alone to change the country, then China, with its Taiwan problem, can’t agree with you.

“It seems the world has come to a conclusion.
The only people who have a different opinion are the Russians and the Unificationists in Japan.
(The political influence of the Unification Church, a religious group, is currently being questioned in Japan.)

“Wow, that’s amazing.
No matter where the call comes in, the West can hear it.

Russia will continue to be isolated from the international community even after Putin takes over.

“Only Tajikistan?
Kazakhstan has fled, too.”

“We had the Beijing Olympics in February.
Suddenly, Putin started a war and everyone is annoyed.”

I was blind to the fact that Russia is the weakest BRIC country.

“I’m getting calls from Kadyrov and Lukashenko.
I guess it’s all over.”

“Germany and Poland are starting to bee stingy.
Well, maybe it’s just a matter of time before Germany weakens and the euro breaks up.

“When you’re over 70, you’re a little bit old.
Politicians and executives should retire at 70.

So we’re getting tens of billions of dollars in aid from the West on one side, and only encouragement from Bahrain, Mali and Tajikistan on the other?

“North Korea is trying to sell ICBMs to Russia.
They’re on a rave commercial.
They even hit Japan today.”

“The Caucasus and Central Asia are.
Nagorno-Karabakh, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan.
I think there’s going to be a war soon.”

“I think Modi’s bitter words were the last time they had a real meeting.
I think the only other people he’s met with are his cronies, Kadyrov and Lukashenko.

“You can’t win by using nuclear weapons.
Normally, even if we lose, we would plan how much damage we can reduce.
But Putin is an idiot, so he’s going to do it.
The Russian people will suffer more because of it.”

“You have a larger population than Japan to begin with, but you have the same GDP as South Korea.
And it’s not India or China that has the population power.
Well, it’s not Japan, Taiwan, or South Korea, where the per capita is just about the same.
It’s a country whose technology and military are only past glories.”

“We’ve declared absolute neutrality.
Thanks to that, India’s stock is up, and it’s doing great.”

“The Shanghai Cooperation Organization is useless.
If it’s not united and cold at a time like this, what’s the point of its existence?
If they don’t like it, they’ll distance themselves from it, no matter what the military agreements are.

“If a referendum held under the occupation of a foreign army allows a country to switch sides, then Taiwan is a country with a 51% share of the world economy under the leadership of the U.S. military.
If Taiwan could theoretically become the 51st state and be incorporated into the United States under the leadership of the U.S. military, then it would be possible.
The annexation of the four eastern provinces would have been a decisive blunder that would have driven a wedge in Sino-Russian relations.”

“I was out on the Northern Territories.
The current Russian constitution makes it impossible to cede territory.
(Japan and Russia have yet to resolve the Northern Territories issue.)”

“I get the opposite impression.
Only the G7 is participating in sanctions, and the emerging countries are propping up the ruble.
The Middle East is not increasing production, but rather reducing production to support the price.
I get the impression that the U.S. is not showing leadership in sanctions against Russia.”

“And yet, Russia is not taking a stand on the Taiwan issue.
Perhaps the only reason why China and Russia are circling Japan with their fleets is because they want information on the performance of the Russian fleet.”

“It hurts that China abstained instead of vetoing.
We don’t have any friends.”

“I barely understood Russia’s first argument.
After they justified the invasion.
The rest of it was just too bad, both in terms of the training and the circumstances of the army they put in place to make it happen.
Is there any justice in Russia?”

“I’ll buy gas, but don’t tell me otherwise.”
Modi: “You don’t have time for war anymore, do you?”
It’s like this.”

“I’m sure everyone’s thinking, why is this ‘America’s fault’?
I could barely understand it until the NATO expansion gurus.
Putin said he wouldn’t join NATO, but he was more focused on bringing Ukraine to its knees.
He made it sound like it was just a don’t-pass, but he expanded the front and made it his territory too.
I don’t see any legitimate, justifiable reason for this at all.
Except that it’s in Russia’s national interest.”

“You don’t like NATO.
They’ve always been the enemy.
He’s not even a member of the G8.

“And yet Xi Jinping and Vladimir Putin declared their support for Trump in the last presidential election.
That’s because China and Russia would love to see the US self-destruct.

“History has proven that in a protracted war of aggression, the aggressor loses.
Russia can no longer win a fight with NATO and the U.S., no matter what they do, whether they nuke or not.
The only choice is where to pull out.”

“More than 200,000 people have fled the country to avoid military service, his people are pushing him out, and Putin’s centripetal force is at an all-time low.
In the first place, Japanese people cannot trust or defend Russia or Putin.
They have unilaterally broken the treaty and are still illegally occupying the Northern Territories.
Therefore, it is the Chinese, North Koreans, and pro-Russian leftists who are bizarrely siding with Russia and Putin.”

According to a Russian government official, the departing passenger is already over a million.

“I understand China, but I didn’t think India would go to action like this.

“Every country that opposed the Russian resolution was a victim of the US.
There was one country in the mix that I’m not sure about.
(Probably a reference to El Trias.)”

“When you’re in a bad position, people are all going to leave you.
Still, I’m sure there are some true friends who would go along with you if you were an individual.
Diplomatic relations are much more serious, so that’s not true.”

“More Russian soldiers have died than Ukraine has announced.
They are sure it’s over 100,000.”

It’s pretty much what China admonishes and India snaps.

Russia may be doomed.

The “surrender hotline” that Ukraine has set up for Russian soldiers has already received thousands of calls.

“But, well, every soldier has a smartphone to gather information and contact them.
And finally, they’re applying to surrender.
It’s a strange war indeed.
Civilians are posting videos of atrocities and shoot downs.
I think they’re going to call it the ‘smartphone war’ later.”

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