Japan’s restart of nuclear reactors will help the world and Europe’s energy problems International Energy Agency (IEA) Statement

Japan’s restart of nuclear reactors will help Europe’s winter energy supply -IEA chief says

Japan’s restart of nuclear reactors will help Europe’s winter energy supply as the global market will have access to more liquefied natural gas (LNG), the head of the International Energy Agency (IEA) said on Wednesday.
He says it would ease Europe’s energy supply concerns.
For more information, see source 2022/9/27 Source English “Japan’s restart of nuclear reactors will help Europe’s winter energy supply -IEA chief says”

Okay? We make the rules!
by Europe.

What’s wrong with nuclear power?

Thermal power plants produce more carbon dioxide
CO2 emissions and worsen the environment, right?
What’s wrong with nuclear power as long as it’s managed safely and properly?
The opponents are confusing nuclear power with atomic bombs, aren’t they?

I miss the old days. We used to have cheap nightly rates and good deals.

I don’t care about the world energy situation or anything else, but it would totally save Japan.

“Oh no, by the way, it’s impossible.
Kishida will resign from the cabinet next year at the latest.
The issue of state funeral expenses and Unification Church Olympic corruption will continue endlessly in the future, so…”
“EU: “If we hit Russia, the gas supply will be in trouble.”
US “I’ll do something about it

EU “Russia sucks!”
Someone “Blow up the pipeline!”
EU “No gas! It’s cold! We’re dying!”
US “We didn’t have enough stock to give you guys.”

As long as the EU doesn’t bow down to us, we don’t have to restart nuclear power plants.

“Instead of promoting solar and wind power, which are environmentally destructive and have no benefits.

It’s better for energy efficiency and the environment to move quickly to nuclear power plants than to promote solar and wind power, which are environmentally destructive and have no benefits.

The only people who are against nuclear power are the idiots who are fooled by the solar scam.

In the end, Japan can’t proceed without external pressure.

I don’t get it.

I’ll sell you coal-fired power.

The people who oppose nuclear power are all idiots who don’t have the ability to think for themselves.
Who still thinks solar power is good for the environment?

I read to “Give us Japan’s LNG!

You can choose to put up with it or build a nuclear power plant in the EU.

We’ll help you with the technology.”
Why don’t you build a gravity power plant?
Solar water turbines, wind power, wave power, whatever it is, convert it into potential energy and store it all up.
I heard that you can build a 500mwh max power plant in about 30 square meters.

Why don’t we just run the nuclear plants in Europe?

Japan is the world’s second largest importer of LNG, even though it has nuclear power plants.
From Europe’s point of view, it looks like they’re buying up all the LNG.

We use the relatively safe LNG, so the Japanese should use the dangerous nuclear power.
That’s the IEA.

While Japan has been shutting down, China has been building nuclear power plants, South Korea has been exporting to the Middle East, and Japan used to be a leader in nuclear technology. But it’s not too late.

Japan buys fossil fuels and we get impoverished.
That’s the same as saying, “You guys are going to have to put up with us.
Why should we take such a situation over there into consideration?

In the UK, utility rates doubled in April and will increase another 80% in October.

Japan is not for Europe, and you chose to get rid of EU is dependence on nuclear power.

You chose to get rid of your dependence on nuclear power plants and took advantage of Russia’s cheap resources.

Let’s generate more and more power in Japan and send it overseas.
We need to build the power grid.

Why don’t the EU just start operating nuclear power plants?

Europe’s opportunism and its own exceptionalism are repulsive.

If Japan starts it, it might explode again due to mismanagement.

Don’t depend on Japan only when it suits you!

If the EU starts up nuclear power plants all over the place,

everything will be fine, right?

If Japan operates nuclear power plants.
All Europe needs to do is run nuclear power plants and coal-fired power plants.

There are three natural gas pipelines from Russia to China in operation.
Why not ask China to do it instead of Japan?

I mean, if Europe hadn’t been dependent on Russia for energy in the first place, there’s a good chance that this war in Ukraine itself wouldn’t have happened.
It’s not right to put the blame for the war on others, and even if we get gas from Russia, the war could flare up again.
For goodness sake, Europe should wipe its own ass with its own hands.

Italy: ‘Sell us gas!’
Algeria (Putin’s friend) “Fine”
France “Sell us gas!”
Algeria (Putin’s friend) “Seriously?”

Complete interference in our internal affairs.

It would be better for Europe to build nuclear power plants and use them
less risk of earthquakes and tsunamis, wouldn’t it be more effective?

It’s obvious that they are in a desperate situation.

For the convenience of Europe and the U.S.
encourage Japan to restart nuclear power plants

The leftists who hold European regimes in high esteem as the paragon of the developed world
Are you going to flip-flop?

Just restart the thermal power plants using lignite coal that Germany is currently shutting down.

What happened to the French and British (who left the EU) bumbling about building new nuclear power plants?

I’m guessing that the cost of building a new nuclear power plant and the cost of accident insurance is too high for them to go ahead with it, no matter how expensive natural gas is.”

The energy wars.
Japan is going to lose this war anyway, so we need to get out of it as soon as possible.

Japan has already restarted nuclear power plants that can be restarted.
The only nuclear power plant that can be restarted but has not yet been restarted is the one in Niigata.

Japan is too small for nuclear power plants.
Even if there is an accident and contamination, we have to defend the idiots who say that it is safe and secure.
If the government decides that Fukushima is off limits because it’s not safe, there’s no place to move to, there’s no jobs, it makes it harder to run other nuclear plants, and in the end we have to tell them to hang in there with stopgap measures.

If nuclear power plants were safe in the first place, why don’t they just dismantle the IAE, a useless organization?

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