[International] Flight Reservations from Russia Surge, Fearing Departure Ban Following Mobilization Order

“September 22, 2022 8:48 am UPDATED 2 hours ago

By Reuters Staff

[GDANISK, Sept. 21 (Reuters) – Prices for one-way airline tickets to leave Russia surged on Thursday, with some flights selling out. There are fears that some adult men will be banned from leaving the country after President Vladimir Putin announced he had signed a partial mobilization decree to continue fighting in Ukraine.

According to Google data, searches for Aviasales, a popular Russian airline ticket booking site, have surged.

On Aviasales, direct flight tickets to Istanbul, Turkey and Yerevan, Armenia, where Russians can enter without visas, sold out on January 21.

As of 2:15 p.m. local time, Turkish Airlines flights from Moscow to Istanbul were full until the 25th.


What is Putin’s goal?What is he going to do now?

Rats flee sinking ship

The planes are still flying.
Flights from the Middle East, Turkey, Central Asia, and China are flying just fine.

No wonder people don’t want to die in a war they don’t understand!

I’m sure there would be a roar of condemnation if we ran away from the reserves in Japan.

It would be naive not to run away when you have so much time

Even if you’re a reservist, if you’re not in Japan, are you exempt from mobilization?

In Russia’s case, it’s not a war to protect their country.

Those with good action already fled in March.

It’s natural to flee before being drafted.
If I were a parent, I’d spend every penny I had to get my son out of there.

I get the impression that the information control system worked better than it was supposed to.

I don’t want to die without honor in another country we invaded.

The rich technical people have already fled.
And those who can escape now are not poor.
It’s always the poor who get left behind and hunted.

If the odds were in our favor, we wouldn’t have run away.

Anyone could see that a general mobilization would have been necessary.

as they were doing in the press at that time.

Well, the Russians will have no choice but forced labor in weapons manufacturing or conscription.

In Japan, too, if there’s an emergency, all the rich people will flee overseas.
And the families of politicians.

Russia even imports used Japanese cars and scrap iron for military use.
Japan’s economic sanctions are too lenient.

Soon we will be in a full-scale war.

If we do a lot of partial mobilization, one day we can mobilize all of them!

I’m sure the Russians have realized how bad things are now.

So much land and resources, but only 1/10th of Japan’s GDP?

My wife is Russian.
My wife’s mother wants to come to Japan to see her grandchildren.
I wonder if they give visas at this time of the year?

If he can’t occupy the Donbass region alone, he’s just going to have more dead people from what he started, so Putin is suffering from the disease of not being able to end a war at the end of a consistent one.

We can already tell by this difference whether Ukraine or Russia is on the right side in this war.
Ukraine, where all the young guys are volunteering, and Russia, where the young guys are running away.

I wonder which country they are fleeing to.

We were sending soldiers from the countries that used to be the Soviet Union, but as the death toll went up, they started turning against us.
But as the number of deaths increased, some countries started to turn against us.
So they’re having to send out their own people.

Putin’s plan is to build up 200,000 troops in the fall and invade again in the winter when the ground freezes over.

Malaysia via Sri Lanka.
I can go anywhere else.
I need a visa to get into the country.
I hear the embassies don’t give them out very often.

The more resources a country has, the longer the war will last.
That’s true.

We’re not even getting enough food as it is, and if we increase that much, we’ll be screwed by General Winter in Ukraine, in addition to starvation.

I’m surprised the EU didn’t stop issuing visas to Russians until relatively recently.

Russia no longer has a conscription system, right?

How can you fight when you’re treated as missing in action and don’t even get a pension if you’re killed in action?

The rich get out. The poor get drafted.

Finnish Railways to suspend train services to Russia on the 28th.
Finnish state-owned railroad operator VR announced on April 25 that it will suspend the Allegro train service between the capital Helsinki and St. Petersburg, Russia, on February 8. The company announced that the train service between Helsinki, the capital of Finland, and St. Petersburg, Russia, will be suspended from February 8. This will effectively eliminate the direct connection between the European Union (EU) and Russia.

No wonder the majority of the Russian people think they can win.

Is it safe to just flee to Turkey?
Can they escape from Turkey to a third country?

Those who escaped early in the war are the winners.
Those who are slow to act are no good at anything.

“Russia announces mobilization order.
Russia imposes severe punishment for soldiers’ refusal to obey orders
Russia, Massive Anti-War Protests Occur Across the Country
Russia announces that protesters will be drafted
Russia, prices of airline tickets to foreign countries skyrocketed, sold out
Russia Bans Sale of Airline Tickets to Young People
Russia: Dozens of Kilometers of Traffic Jam at Finland’s Border
Russia Considers Ban on Departures
Russia, Fastest Rising Google Search Words “flee the country”

[Sad news] Russia, you invaded, but for some reason you’ve closed your country.

They say 10 years in prison if the reservists refuse, but that’s better than death, isn’t it?

“Ukraine is not fleeing, it’s coming back in droves.

It’s so bad that Poroshenko, who fled because of corruption, is coming back home ready to be arrested.

If we make a law to conscript sympathizers outside Russia.
I’m sure we could cover the demand.

Russians won’t be able to enter any European countries.
They won’t be issued VISAs.

Maybe they’re going to China?

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