The “EV Facts” of Norway, a developed country, is here. ……………………..

But that’s how much demand there is for charging stations.

Until gasoline, hybrid and electric cars are the same price.I’ll just use gasoline.

this EV can’t make up the price difference.

I’ll stick with hybris until electric is cheaper than gasoline.

In Norway, the tax credit for EVs makes the starting price of a $5 million Volvo and a $10 million Tesla the same.
That’s why people are buying EVs.

We need to solve the charging speed.

This situation doesn’t seem to suit the Japanese, who like to act in a hurry.

It’s all about peer pressure.

There’s a tonal pressure to choose EVs or else people will look at us like we’re white trash.
There’s peer pressure in every country, just different kinds of peer pressure.

If we don’t take more steps, it’s going to be a problem.
But if we go too slow, we’ll never get there.

When used cars with a cruising range of 60 km or so start showing up on the market for 400,000 or so, I’d like to see them used as commuter cars as well as a story.

In Japan, even if we talk about EVs and EVs, how are we going to cover the electricity needs for recharging in an electricity situation where we are asked to conserve electricity?

Even other EU countries that tried to make EVs mainstream to keep Toyota out don’t have enough electricity.

If they build coffee shops next to EV stands, they will make a fortune.

They don’t have the technology to make engines, so they just make cars that run on motors.

They’re not suited for long-distance transportation, sales, or delivery jobs that require frequent and unpredictable movement.

Can you charge the battery at home?

Why can’t you just carry it like a beer vendor at a baseball stadium?

Why not just use a cord?

“Hybrids are still stable.

Right now EVs are only being bought by the environmentally conscious crowd, and it’ll be a while before they start buying them because they’re convenient.

“Subsidized means they’re not yet competitive enough as a product to compete with gasoline-powered cars.

We’re going to run out of rare earths to make batteries.

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