Russian: “If I call this number, I won’t be drafted…” →.

“A trap for Moscow residents
Moscow residents have noticed flyers around the city which say that by calling the number they will be helped to avoid forced conscription and As it turned out, the number listed on flyers belongs to the military commissariat in #Moscow.”

If you fall for this, you’ll be treated as a volunteer soldier, so you won’t have to be drafted.

I laughed, a phishing scam?

A national phishing scam?

“Well, it’s a military thing, so it’s only natural that it would lead to a military commission.
It’s more common to be connected to some weird volunteer or something.”

Call here and you won’t be drafted (because you’ll be a volunteer)!


“Hello, I’m a military commission.”
“Um~…… I don’t want to be drafted.”
I see.””I see. Do you have a pre-existing condition?”
“No, I don’t have a chronic illness.”
You don’t have a chronic disease. Then your draft is your duty. Let’s do our duty as citizens.
Yes. My conscription is my duty.

This is it.

I didn’t lie, so it’s safe to say I didn’t lie.

That’s what patriotic Russians look like.

You know, the guy who ran away when war broke out with Ukraine, he’s too smart.

This is just a gringo looking things up in English.

I’m pretty sure the search results are in Russian.

“There were only supposed to be 6,000 dead in the war, but 300,000 were mobilized.

I wonder where all the soldiers who should still be alive and in Ukraine went: ……

Well, according to Russian statistics, there may have been 100,000 deserters.

“I mean, are we at the point where just putting more people on the front lines is going to help?

If amateurs go into enemy territory, they’ll just be the target of new weapons.”

Just give them one Kalashnikov each, and they’ll be safe.
“They’ll just blow you up and leave you for dead.

More scrawny guys with automatic weapons won’t help you in a war where the basic strategy is to bomb the hell out of bases.

They can just shoot a few chicks from the trenches.
“They’re just going to die because the thermo-camera-equipped suicide drones that were introduced in Nagorno-Karabakh will know where you are.

Armenian soldiers got hit by them too, they were hiding and suddenly they were dead.

“It’s also terrible that those things are made in China.
I wonder how they imported so many of them.

I’m sure the Russian death toll is actually over 100,000, although the authorities would never admit it.

“They say only 6,000 people died in Russia, so why mobilize? That’s what’s happening.
Shoigu says that only 5,937 Russian troops have been killed in the Russo-Ukrainian war so far, while more than half of the Ukrainian army has been destroyed.
Ukrainian forces have been destroyed by more than half, 61207 Ukrainian troops have been killed and 49368 are missing.”
“It’s like saying we’re exhausted.

We’re one step away from defeat.

I wonder what’s going to happen to Russians who usually work abroad and are temporarily back home.

“I hear that flights out of the country are now about a million yen in economy.

They’re practically banned from leaving the country.
“I’d rather they still be able to leave the country.

I guess I’ll just have to pay the million or so as a necessary expense.

If it’s between dying and a million dollars, I think a lot of people would pay a million dollars.

By the way, the average annual income in Russia is 600,000 yen🤪.

When you look at it this way, it’s really one of the poorest countries in the world.

There’s a huge regional disparity, so Moscow is double that.
You can’t escape by yourself, so the total for the family is probably 5 million.

“Worst-case scenario, just let the guy’s family go.

The Russian mainland won’t be invaded, and the women and children will be safe in their homes for now.

It would be best if they could come with us.

With the yen so low in Japan right now, I don’t think the Russian girls will come.

If Russia loses, will they be happy if I bring stockings?

What are stockings?

“When the Soviet Union collapsed, there was a huge shortage of everyday items like jeans and stockings.

That’s why they were so happy when I brought them to them.


If this turns out to be advantageous for Japan, it’ll be a big deal for Kishida.

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