Queen Elizabeth’s State Funeral – 96 Years of Beloved Life

9/19 (Mon) 20:15 – 20:55 (40min.)

Queen Elizabeth of the United Kingdom passed away recently at the age of 96. The state funeral will be broadcast live. The program will look at the true face of the Queen, who was loved by her people during her 70 years on the throne.

Appearance: Naotaka Kimizuka, Professor at Kanto Gakuin University

Live broadcast of the state funeral of Queen Elizabeth of England: 96 years of life loved by the people

“I’ve taken it for granted that you’ve been here ever since I was born.
There is no one else like her.”

“The Queen of England.
I’m amazed that it’s a state funeral.”

“The only living monarch to have attended the Queen’s coronation is the Japanese emperor.

“Attended the coronation in her place 69 years ago?
How old was he then? That’s pretty young, isn’t he?”


Visited England at 19.

“Since the Queen’s death.
The Stars and Stripes and the rising sun have always been at half-staff at certain US military bases, when will it end?”

I guess you don’t wear gloves when you veil, ladies.

I’m sad to hear it’s your last days.

But if she was doing her official duties until two days before she died, was it a sudden death with no warning?

“What a constitutional monarchy, isn’t it?

I’m sure he was loved by many of the people.

I thought he was loved by many of his people.

When a familiar face dies, I feel a little sadness.

“Diana’s funeral was like a movie, too.
I’m sure they did a lot of preparation for this one, but there was no preparation at that one.”

I wonder if it would have been a little different if Diana were still alive, England.

“I remenber that Queen Elizabeth attended the opening ceremony in London.

Charles seems to enjoy gardening…(・ω・)ノ

“The bar has been raised so high for a state funeral.
What are you going to do Abe?”

The video of the soldiers walking down the aisle that’s on the BBC right now is so good.

“Camilla’s charm is her intelligence and education, apparently.
I’ve always been told she’s a charmer.”

“When I was frustrated because my pen was leaking ink, you were smooth and well tolerated, and you even pointed out the wrong date.

“To be honest, I think Charles would have been more ragged if it weren’t for Princess Camilla.

I mean, to take on the role of supporting the next king, knowing that you’re going to be slammed and compared to a beautified Diana.
I don’t think it takes a lot of determination and ability.”

The BBC, the original BBC, is still the most serious broadcaster.
A life of 96 years is modern history itself.

You’re going by the statues of my dad, King George VI, and Empress Elizabeth.

Yes, the BBC knew that and showed it.

Japan is doing it next week…

“A lot of English people are going to be there.
It was so precious to see a lot of British people just sitting there and being silent.”

Who are those people in armor?

They’re British cavalrymen.

“I thought to myself, ‘Wow, there’s that many Kings Guards.
I didn’t know that hat was bear hair until now.”

The Kingsguard division of the Guard is the size of a regular army division, so there must be thousands of them if all the Guardsmen are there.

Charles and Princess Anne are both great walkers.
Well, it would take about an hour to walk from Westminster to Buckingham if they walked slowly.

The bugle corps is too tough.

“It’s the Royal Band, you know.
They’re the role model for brass bands around the world.
You have to be able to train properly for military service.
You can’t get in.”

Charles is trying to make a small royal family, and this shows it.

The servants are stunningly white.

The princess looks just like her mother.

What’s that, about 2 kilometers? That’s a lot of walking.

Oh, my God, royalty must be so strenuous.

“So, the Emperor is going home now, right?
It’s a two-night stay, so he’s going to the airport on this leg of the journey home, right?”

“I know the people in the front are pulling the turret.
Why are the people in the back grabbing the string?”

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