Putin’s “General Mobilization Decree” Issue Causes Self-Destructive Russian Panic!

“On September 21, Russian President Vladimir Putin delivered a speech via state television in which he
announced a “partial mobilization.” The subject of the mobilization is the reserve forces, and the mobilization measures have been in place since the same day.
The protracted war has once again highlighted the fact that Russia is short of soldiers, but at the same time, Russia is facing a considerable disadvantage.
The war’s protracted duration has once again highlighted Russia’s shortage of soldiers, but it has also revealed that the country is at a considerable disadvantage.

Mobilization today

Poor guys. With their shoddy equipment.
I hate war.

If all these guys surrender, all we’ll have is Russian girls.

It’ll be over by Christmas.

It’s gonna be a pain in the ass.

It’s like a picnic because they control all the information.

Young Russians “They’re not going to send us to the front lines anyway for weapons maintenance and cleaning and stuff.”

Young Russians, “We’ll always be afraid of drones.

It’s crazy.”

“And the enemy will be given Stingers and Javelins to carry.

Even a housewife can hit a target with just a few shots.

“No matter how stupid you are, when an amateur civilian like yourself is drafted.
“Any idiot would realize what kind of a war situation their country is in when an amateur civilian like myself is drafted into the army.

“If you advance, you get shot.
If you retreat, you get shot.
If you run away, they shoot you.
If you surrender, you get shot.”

You’re walking very slowly.

“You look like an adult because you have a beard.

They’re Muslim, bearded young men, between the ages of 17 and 27, mobilized in Chechnya.”

I wonder if the war on mass is already outdated.

This is what happens when Russia doesn’t have the numbers.

I don’t think anyone, including the Russians, thought they’d be fighting a war like this in the 20th century.

I mean, how can ordinary people suddenly kill people?

By the way, I expect that even the Self-Defense Forces would hesitate to kill people in a crisis.

“I don’t think you can say that in a situation where you have to kill or be killed.

Besides, after you kill one person, you’ll probably feel less guilty and all that.

There have always been a lot of soldiers who can’t shoot even when they know they’re going to die if they don’t shoot.

They just pretend to shoot and load the bullets, imitating their side.

I’m sure they train them, but what’s the point of conscripting amateurs?

They’re forced to consume the enemy’s ammunition.
That’s a wall.

Oil-rich countries are the best of the best, and now we’re stuck with them.

It’s a crusade to protect Russian sovereignty.

How many reservists are there?

“The Russians have the upper hand.

We’re not sending them to the front.

We’re not sending them to the front.

Most of these guys are going to die.

It’s going to be hard to stay in the field this winter.

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