“Killed by Kangaroo” Australia

A 77-year-old man was attacked and killed by a kangaroo he was raising at home in southwestern Australia on November 11. The local police revealed this on the 13th. Australian media reported that this was the first time since 1936 that a kangaroo had killed a man, although kangaroos have attacked humans before.

The accident occurred in Redmond, a town about 400 km southeast of western Perth. A relative found the man seriously injured, and paramedics rushed to the scene.

The paramedics tried to save the man, but the kangaroo prevented them from approaching, so the police officers shot and killed the kangaroo. The man was pronounced dead on the spot. The kangaroo is believed to have been a pet wild kangaroo.

It could have been a kangaroo from Tekken.

Humans can only compete with a small dog at best.

A single slap to the face should do the trick.

I’d say a kangaroo would have had the upper half of its body peeled off.

They may look like they’re cute, but they’re still just animals.

I heard somewhere that if you get really kicked by a kangaroo.
I heard somewhere that if a kangaroo kicked you really hard,
your stomach would split open and your guts would pop out.

They’re supposed to hit you with straight, right?

“There’s a weird pause in animal fighting.

“and they don’t rush in when there’s an opening.

“Well, if it’s a fistfight, humans have the advantage.
Humans are much faster than kangaroos when it comes to swinging their arms.
And because they can use half their body and have a longer reach, they can carry more weight and punch harder.
However, if a human tries to box, he or she will be hit by a kangaroo’s powerful flying kick.
No matter how hard you try, you cannot beat a kangaroo in terms of kicking strength.
One kangaroo kick will end the game.

>Wild kangaroos were used as pets.
Too reckless.

Kangaroos are like mini dinosaurs.

One kick and their internal organs would rupture.

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